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How to create a SEO-Friendly content?

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Benefits of SEO friendly content

Understand Search Engine Ranking Factors:

SEO-friendly content should be well-written, keywords should be high-ranked, optimized images, video, or audio. And the most crucial thing in your content should be clear.

Before you’ll outmatch your competition, you wish to know the foundational signals that search engines take a look at when evaluating and ranking content. The four most vital ranking factors are SEO-friendly content, links, site structure, and HTML tags.
When a dogging engine crawls and indexes your site, it also looks at non-content factors like inbound and outbound links, URL structure, page load speed, time on page, and keyword usage in tags to grasp what your site is about and the way to rank your pages.

Use the correct and proper Keywords:

Keyword research helps you:

  • Before you begin writing, brainstorm topics you recognize your buyer persons care about. Then, perform keyword research to spot the simplest ranking opportunity. the sort of keyword you target will rely upon the sort of content you are creating.
  • Determine what topics people are talking about.
  • Identify search volumes for topics.
  • Understand how difficult it’s going to be to rank for a subject.

Identify and Capture Search Intent:

Before you begin writing, identify which of those four categories your primary keyword target falls under. Then, validate the category by viewing the content currently ranking for the keyword. Are your competitors targeting the identical kind of search intent you’ve identified for the query? take a look at how they’ve structured their content to satisfy searcher needs. Structure your content in an exceedingly similar and better way.

Identify what the searcher is trying to find after they type the query into a pursuit bar, then cover the subject in a very way that directly meets their needs.

  • Know: The searcher wants to search out information on a subject to answer a matter.
  • Do: The searcher wants to find out a way to take a selected action.
  • Website: The searcher wants to seek out a selected resource.
  • Visit the person: The searcher wants to seek out a location to travel to.

Optimize Content to get Google Featured Snippets:

Use SEMrush or another SERP analysis tool to spot if a featured snippet exists for the keyword you’re targeting. Only 12.3 percent of queries have one.

  • Identify how the featured snippet is structured. Is it a paragraph, list, or table?
  • Ask the question the snippet answers in one amongst your blog post subheadings.
  • Answer the question immediately after the subheading. Write a concise answer that’s better than this one within the featured snippet. take care to use the identical structure because of the current snippet.

Update Old Content

Search engines prioritize fresh content. As previously mentioned, freshness is that the fourth most heavily weighted content ranking factor.

how to execute?

  • Identify blog posts with higher keywords rank.
  • update the rewrite the post and reform the accuracy.
  • Do on-page SEO strategically.
  • Then publish.

Moreover, content should not be duplicated.


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