best astrologer app in india

Best Astrology App in India


Know About Best Astrology App in India

Astrology- just a definition  – Divination science reveals earthly and human events through the positioning of celestial bodies like the sun, moon, planets. Celestial positions are believed to influence the destiny of a person as well as a nation too. Consult Best astrologer through their app of  India is like a regular practice, of reading their respective horoscopes and Zodiac signs to predict their upcoming moments. Traditionally astrometry visits the invitee’s home to read their respective horoscopes, but as the technology advancing nowadays much astrology-based apps have been developed. You can contact the best astrometry of India through their best astrology app in India.

These Best Astrology App in India provides instant astrological information by your favorite astrologer.
  • An individual can consult astrologers through the best astrology app in India either be at the homework gym or a supermarket through the best astrology app.
  • Online Astrology Apps with expert astrologers save users time to wait for the meetings, and from the trouble of taking appointments from the astrologer.
  • Through the best astrology app in India, this pseudoscience is approachable to those people who have never personally visited any expert astrologer.
  • During this Corona period, people got connected with the online astrologers to know their post-Corona future.
  • During the lockdown, astrology websites’ revenue has been raised by 42% as per the analysis.
  • The advanced I-era has facilitated the horoscope software’s as well. These online apps for astrology provide accurate predictions with accurate gem recommendations and remedies too.
  • Judge the best online astrology app by its authenticity and accuracy.

Top 10 Online Astrology App in India, We Can Surely Rely Upon


1. Astropush – Online Astrology

Introducing AstroPush, one of the online astrology apps designed to provide you with the most accurate and informative predictions about your future with the help of esteemed astrologers. Unlike other apps, AstroPush takes astrology to the next level by linking you directly with India’s top astrologers online, assuring personalized and dependable counsel for all of your life’s questions. Whether you’re looking for answers about love, relationships, marriage, profession, education, financial or property, AstroPush has got you covered with all the aspects. Our handpicked certified astrologers are ready to provide immediate solutions and treatments to assist you handle life’s obstacles with confidence and clarity. AstroPush offers a personal connection to esteemed astrologers who genuinely care about your well-being and want to guide you toward a brighter future. Download AstroPush today and unlock the power of astrology in your life.

AstroPush is a marketplace for free online astrology services which includes online numerology, online psychics, online tarot card readers, online vedic astrology, free kundli, kundli matching, free daily panchang reading, free horoscope reading, online vastu consultation, on;. AstroPush charges a per-minute fee for the chat/call service provided on this platform and accepts no responsibility or liability for the realism or dependability of the astrological effects on human psychology provided by any products or services claimed or sold.

Our Services

Chat with astrologer

AstroPush, allows you to interact with astrologers online in both free and paid modes. Simply search online chat with the astrologer or free Astro chat or chat with an astrologer online free, talk to an astrologer online, and chat with an astrologer near me to find us.

Talk to astrologer

Are you looking for a good Astrology app? You are at the right place. AstroPush is one of the best astrology apps for online astrology predictions where you may call an Astrologer and get answers to all your queries about your future life via Astrology Kundli Predictions from the best Astrologers in India. By phone, chat, inquiry, or report, you can get the best future predictions for your marriage, love life, job, or health.

Free Kundli report

AstroPush will generate your free online Kundli report. By interpreting your birth chart, our Kundli software can help you forecast your future.

Free Kundali matching report

AstroPush provides online Love Compatibility and Marriage Prediction. Get the most accurate Horoscope and Kundli matching forecasts through one of the best Kundli matching apps right now!

Free monthly horoscope

Get your free daily horoscope forecast today online from the finest astrologer. Get your Zodiac Sign horoscope today!

Free Numerology Report

Get the best Numerology Report online. Connect with the Numerologists at AstroPush For the Best Results!

Free panchang

Avial free Panchang at AstroPush App. Get access to a list of auspicious dates and times for any auspicious endeavor, such as marriage, celebration, puja, or starting a business.

2. Kundali Expert

Starting a career as an IIT student, today Mr. K.M.Sinha is a well known Vedic astrologer and kundali expert not only in India but also in many other parts of the world. He is also very well known for making accurate predictions regarding some political events. Kundali Expert has its main branch situated in New Delhi. His predictions are based on Vedic astrology where he studies the planetary positions of different planets based on the kundali or time, place and date provided to him. He also guides people by providing solutions on how to overcome the upcoming problems and prevent oneself from them.

Astrological predictions have also been made by him by translating astrological rules into mathematical models. To earn a living and pursue his dreams of becoming an astrologer, Mr. K.M.Sinha started providing chemistry coaching classes. Devoting 15 years of his life to pursue astrology and started studying, analyzing and understanding the astrological principles. This journey of gaining knowledge has now turned him into a astrologer and for the past 2-3 years he has been practicing astrology professionally.

According to him astrology is a science, which works on the principles of different planetary positions. The positions of different planets at different houses play a very influential role in the life’s of people. To get accurate predictions, it is very important to have the correct information about his time, place and date of birth.

K.M. Sinha, precisely explains that a kundali made at the time of birth or by providing the date, time and place of birth is very important as the kundali is the base to make any astrological predictions. A birth chart or kundali is formed by 12 houses, governing different aspects of life. The position of stars(i.e. the 9 zodiac planets) are positioned in these houses according to one date, place and time of birth. The kundali remains the same but the planetary positions keep on changing which places an impact in the lives of people.

The benefits one can derive from astrological predictions is that they can be made aware of difficult periods of their lives, how can they prevent facing those difficulties and remedies to solve those problems. Also how can one make full use of the good times and make it work to their favour.

Primarily located in New Delhi, best astrologer in Delhi K.M.Sinha is an known Kundali Expert and have made many personal and political predictions accurately. Be it personal life, professional, career or health one can easily consult and get expert advice. He can also make predictions through palmistry and numerology. One can get a kundali chart prepared free of cost. Kundali analysis, predictions and remedies are provided at Kundali Expert at nominal amount. This nominal fee is valid for a year and one can get advice from our experts anytime during the year.

One can conveniently contact astrology K.M.Sinha as he is available on WhatsApp and one can also reach him through email or visit his Kundali Expert consultancy for predictions and remedies.

3. Astrochats

Trusted online Astrology platform:  Astrochats is India’s most trusted and perfect Mobile App that aids in answering your doubts and questions which in turn satisfy your mind and results into immense peace of mind, which results in more joyful life.
We have partnered with the absolute generally prestigious, very capable and India’s best Astrologers, gain admittance to dependable and important answers for issues and life questions.
About Astrology
Astrology brings in many rays of hope, positivity and happiness to the people. Not many of us know where to find the best Vedic Astrologers, as most of us are not well acquainted with the various fields of astrology. This is where astrochats come into picture

Astrochats – Who we are
Astrology is a divine knowledge and it can show light through spiritual healings to a person who is surrounded by the darkness of miseries around him.
Our expert astrologers gives accurate predictions, which helps a person to take right decisions in life.Get instant astrology solutions for business, jobs, relationships, marriage, health & more from renowned astrologers. We not only have vedic astrologers but also have experienced tarot readers, numerologists, vastu specialist and lalkitab for instant solutions.

Have questions before starting a new business, to check the compatibility with the partner, which field to choose, will I settle abroad, will my health improve in the upcoming years, what is good muhurat for starting a new work.
These are the questions that people want to know the answers for. Contact the renowned and top astrologersfrom all over India who will guide you at every step and help you to take big decisions of life.

we at Astrochats have made online platform, wherein people can come and consult experienced astrologers without stepping out of their house.We have 250 plus astrologers on board from all over India with different expertise.

What more…. Once you download the app Astrochats, there is a free offer session waiting for you. Once your free session is over, and still your conversation is not complete, then you can recharge your wallet and continue with your chat with live astrologers. Thus you can receive instant astrology consultation at a very low price. There are various offers to choose from.
We provide Practical and Logical Astrology
We at Astrochats provides our valuable customers best online consultation and services through call or chat with best of the Astrologers across the country.
We have the best astrologers having expertise in Vedic Astrology, tarot card reading, Vastu Shastra, numerology, LalKitaband many more subjects.
Discover your accurate life horoscope based on your date of birth, time and place. We have the best astrologers online for providing remedies for Family issues, matrimonial issues, career questions, marriage problems, relationship problems, financial problems, business problems and many more issues. Quick and accurate predictions.
Benefits of Chatting/Talking to an Expert Astrologer
Get your horoscope preview predictions & practices to help override obstacles in life.
Guide you in right direction: Our well qualified astrologers are able to understand the situation and based on their expertise will guide you the correct path. They will assess the issue with root cause and then guide you how to solve them.
Quick Response and Resolution: You will get instant response on your questions which surely gives your mind a peace.
Stress-Free and Cheerful: Our Astrologers will help you in regaining your happiness
Decision Making: You get insights into events that are likely to happen so you make decisions accordingly

To sum things up, Astrochats is one stop solution for all your astrology needs. We can guide you throughout with your all type of questions. Be it throughvedic astrology, tarot card reading, numerology, Vastu Shastra or LalKitab, whatever way you choose we have the desired solution for you

4. My Mystic Master is a Noida based StartUp in the Religious Tech sector at India, working to create a platform for professionally qualified Occult practitioners ( Astrologers / Numerologists / Vastu experts / Tarrot card readers and Ayurvedic Doctors ) who genuinely want to revive our age old scientifically proven knowledge and knowhow to the current and future generations, who seem to be ignorant and lost in the new age fast moving western style of living.

We also intend to bring all occult practitioners under one umbrella through which they can share their knowledge to a wider reach of mankind, have their own brand identity in the virtual world and also parallelly make a respectable monthly flow of income.

We strictly denounce the superstitious beliefs associated with Occultism and do not encourage anyone to be associated with us just because of their superstitions. People who take this field as a age old Science are most welcome to be associated and reap the benefits.

5. GaneshaSpeaks:Kundli Astrology


Have Astro Varta (Astrotalk) with Astrosage, Astroyogi, Astroguru, GuruJi & Suvich on astroline with consultation from GaneshaSpeaks regarding your Kundli(or Kundali). Feel OMI & Bodhi by clickastro & instaastro to astrosolve the problems from Expert Kundali Jyotish with Life Prediction.

😊 Get Astrology Phone Consultation from the most Experienced Astrologers in India !
🏆 Talk to Astrologer / Chat with Astrologer online with India’s Best Expert Astrologers
😄 Get Free Personalised Astrology and Daily Horoscope to plan your day
🙏 Consult Astrologer Online for Kundli with Vedic Jyotish on Live call/chat
🤙 Astro Talk with our VERIFIED Astrosage/Astroyogi/GuruJi face to face

✪ GaneshaSpeaks was launched by Mr. Bejan Daruwalla at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai on 25th April, 2003
✪ Our Vision was to Help the World Live Better using Vedic Astrology.
✪ We have successfully consulted 50,000,000 (5 Crore) customers from 180 countries till date
✪ GaneshaSpeaks App was launched online to provide private and secure Call, Chat, Ask and Phone Advice 24 7

✪ Our Experienced Astrologers have given Top Vedic Astrology Counselling for more than 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) Live Minutes !!!
✪ This amazing feat was achieved while serving millions of customers since 2003.
✪ It is this UNPARALLELED Experience that makes us the most Trustworthy Astrology App on this planet !

✪ 1st Live Astro Consultation FREE !
✪ Personalised Daily Horoscope based on your Kundli(or Kundali)
✪ Social Stream of Posts by Our Top Astrologers

GaneshaSpeaks Astrologers are available online 24 7 via the Jyotish App. All Call, Chat, Ask & Phone Advice happening through the App are Private & Secure. Our services are:-
✪ Vedic Astrology & Horoscope
✪ Kundali Matchmaking (Kundli Milan or Guna Match)
✪ Relationship Advice for Compatibility
✪ Love Astrology
✪ Marriage Astrology
✪ Wellness Astrology
✪ Fortune Astrology
✪ Numerology
✪ Lal Kitab astrology
✪ Western astrology
✪ KP Astrology
✪ Prashana Kundli(or Kundali)
✪ Vastu
✪ Janampatri

✪ Download the GaneshaSpeaks App and Sign Up. 1st Consultation is Absolutely FREE !
✪ Recharge your Wallet with 5, 10, 20 depending on how long you want to speak
✪ Ask an Indian Astrologer of Your Choice and start your session
✪ There are no upfront fees. All our billing is per minute

👉 HOW CAN GaneshaSpeaks HELP IN LIFE ?
GaneshaSpeaks’s Expert Astrologers can provide detailed Guidance and Counselling regarding important matters in :-
✪ Career
⇨ When will i get my dream job ?
⇨ Should i change now or wait ?
⇨ When will i get promoted ?
✪ Relationships
⇨ Is he(or she) the right one for me ?
⇨ Will he(or she) come back ?
⇨ When will i find true love ?
✪ Marriage Problems
⇨ My marriage is getting delayed, when will it happen ?
⇨ I am having a lot of fights and arguments with my spouse. Should I continue or get a divorce ?
⇨ Can you describe how my life partner will be ?
✪ Education
⇨ Which stream is best for my future ?
⇨ Which country should i go for my studies ?
⇨ Should i study further or start my job(or business) ?
✪ Match Making
⇨ I have 3 options for marriage. Can help me select the right one ?
⇨ I have a boyfriend. Can you do MatchMaking so that it helps me decide whether to marry him or not ?
⇨ I am a Manglik. Can you guide me how it affects my married life ?
✪ Wellness
⇨ I am very disturbed since some time now. Can you identify the root cause ?
⇨ When will i find lasting peace of mind ?
⇨ Which mantra should i meditate on ?
✪ Gemstones, Rudraksha, Yantra & Personalized Puja
⇨ Which Gemstone should i wear for very fast Career Progress ?
⇨ Which Rudraksha or Yantra is best suited for me ?
⇨ I want to get a Puja done. Can you help me arrange it ?

6. Astroyogi


Comprising astrologers who are experts in palm reading, Chinese astrology, Vedic astrology, Vaastu. Also engaged in IPL predictions.
They are experts in reading state of a mind through their tarot cards and provide spiritual peace by performing mantras and puja online


Providing quality service to every client. They give precise results on behalf of their professionalism and huge experience.

8. Astro 

Running for three generations now, having more than 15 years of experience, and have analyzed 30,000 horoscopes for extensive predictions. Sanhita is one of the most renounced Astrologers of India and their apps are one of the best Astrologer apps in India.

9. Talk to

Talk to Astro

The panel of Vastu expert’s numerologists, tarot readers available online to advise predictions for your future. Keeping all the information confidential, an individual can consult instantly from anywhere.

10. Astrolabe

Highly recommended online portal for astrology which provides consultation as per your requirement. Very honest predictions made by the astrologers regarding their clients.

11. Hora astrology and horoscopes

Hora Astrology

Predict the true future as well as they are sure about the past of a client. Comprises qualified astrologers from the sacred land of Nepal.

12. Astro Sage Kundali


One of the pocket-friendly and reliable portals providing high-quality astrology services. The expert team of Vedic astrology provides future horoscopes and accurate predictions. Numerous recommendations and solutions are also provided online.

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