Astrologers In Hyderabad

Top 10 Best Astrologers in Hyderabad


Top 10 Best Astrologers in Hyderabad

Astrology is a belief that the movement of the stars, planets, and asteroids have an influence on the events, life, and behavior of people and astrologers look at the planet’s position and tries to understand the person’s character and try to predict the near future. Modern astrologers see astrology as a symbolic language or a kind of divination. If you belong to the beautiful city Hyderabad and looking for the Best astrologers in Hyderabad for astrology consultation then must check the top 10 astrologers in the Hyderabad list given below.

  • Sairam Shastri Ji

  • Subhayogam Vishwanath Guruji

  • Astrologer Vinod Bonda

  • Pandit TR Shastri

  • Astrologer Shrinivas Garu

  • Ponnaluri Shrinivas Gargeya

  • Gopuram doctor SandhyaLakshmi

  • Mulugu ramalingeswara siddhanti

  • Madhavi Sharma

  • Devi Sri Guruji

Sairam Shastri Ji

Sairam Shastri Having the expertise of 40 years in the field of astrology. He is one of the finest astrologers in Hyderabad having a degree in Doctorate and an M.A. astrology scholar. Shastri Ji primarily operates from Hyderabad but is well known in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi. His areas of expertise include love astrology, marriage astrology, career astrology. Tantra Mantra, meditation, and yoga.


Address: Sri Dattasai Nilayam house No: 55 Brindavan Colony Nizampet Road Hyderabad, Telangana 500090 India

Phone: 09121918195


Subhayogam Vishwanath Guruji

One of the renowned astrologers in Hyderabad, Vishwanath Guruji follows the traditional method of astrology by reading and analyzing the planetary positions based on a birth chart prepared by the birth details of the person. he provides various future events of a person with the movement of the planets and their dasas. He conducts various astrological and religious Poojas like Saraswati Homam, Chandi Puja, Mahalaxmi Homam, Ganpati Homam, Maha Mrityunjaya Homam, Rudra Homam in Hyderabad.


Address: Plot.No:30, 1st Lane Hastinapuri Colony, Sanikpuri, Secunderabad:500094.

Phone: 9963654336, 9989667336

Astrologer Vinod Bonda

Astrologer Vinod Bonda is a notable name for astrology with great experience in the circle. Vinod Bonda has an astrological website offering free birth charts, marriage compatibility checks. He has developed astrological software for everyday Panchang, online horoscope, daily horoscope reading, and Dasha calculator.


Address: 14, AVR Enclave, 104 CSR Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

Phone: +91-9666 669185

Pandit T.R. Shastri Ji

Pandit T.R Shastri Ji is a traditional astrologer with proficiency in various languages like Hindi, Telugu, and English. He is known for giving simple remedies to all astrological problems services by horoscope with the birth details of the person is made by Pandit Ji and is analyzed by him manually.

Astrologer Shrinivas Garu

He is a famous astrologer palmist and numerologist. He provides solutions to all kinds of life problems like marriage, business loss child issues, Kaal Sarp doos ham, pitra dosha, Navagraha problems, and house problems. Areas of expertise include educational astrology and career development. He conducts various Puja like Sri Raghavendra Homam, Chandi Homam, and Gayatri Homam.

Ponnaluri Srinivas Gargeya

Ponnluri Srinivas Gargeya is a notable Telugu astrologer from Prakasam district who lives in Hyderabad has expertise in the field for more than 20 years and is famous for his simple remedial astrology solutions. He follows druganitha paddhati approved by the government of India. He is a conventional astrologer with a good following base in two Telugu States. Telugu Panchang written by him called gargeya panchangam is the best-selling album among his followers.

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Gopuram doctor Sandhya Lakshmi

Gopuram Doctor Sandhya Laksmi famous lady astrologer in the Zee Telugu Gopuram program occasionally provides astrological consultation to his followers. She is famous for a low narrating style which is unique and easily understandable to everyone through the program she gives insights on everyday astrology.

Mulugu ramalingeswara siddhanti

Mr. Siddhanti is a famous Telugu astrologer who predicts the future based on Telugu Karnataka Panchangam. He can predict individual and also world events with 90% accuracy. Mr. Siddhanti makes a religious Telugu Karnataka Panchangam for the past 14 years. He also releases English Panchang for Telugu NRI she offers.  Products like Kuku Malu Sugandha, dravyalu rupulu, and many other Pooja items.


Address: H.No: 8-2-608/27, Mastan Mansion, Gaffar Khan Colony, Road No. 10, Banjarahills, Hyderabad, Telangana,
India – 500034.

Phone:  +91 8466932223, +91 9014126121

Madhavi Sharma

An MBA graduate and M.A. astrologer Madhavi Sharma have driven astrology by instinct to run a successful YouTube channel through which she guides astrological concepts. She is good in astrology of choice for most Telugu people and also has a good client base. Her expertise includes detailed life reports services business astrology birth time rectification health issues and dangers.



Phone: +91-7995956648


Devi Sri Guruji

Another TV astrologer Devi Sri Guru Ji from the daily program in Zee Telugu om Karam Guru ji is famous for a slow and easy narrating style.

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