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Top 5 Coworking Spaces in Nehru Place

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Top 5 Coworking Spaces in Nehru Place

List of 5 Best Coworking Spaces in Nehru Place for Your Office. Coworking space are high in demand from the last few years. It is having plenty of benefits and highly suitable for startups, small businesses and freelancers with 24×7 hours working facilities. Nehru Place is hub for modern business, finance and commerce in Delhi. Transport connectivity is available through Metro (Near Nehru Place Metro, Near kalkaji Metro, Near Nehru Enclave Metro and Kalkaji Mandir Metro), Bus Stand Nehru Place connects you with major locations of south Delhi through Ring Road. These 5 coworking spaces are counted as the best coworking space in Delhi. Here are top 5 coworking space in Nehru Place.


Wolk Coworking space in Nehru Place is a well known co-working community in South Delhi. They are highly renowned for their work culture, community building, and vibrant environment. They make sure that you and all your team members can work comfortably work at one place without any hindrance. They aim to offer a well equipped coworking space in South Delhi. So, that you can work conveniently on your dream. It is situated at one of the most prominent hubs in India. Delhi has head offices of many International companies which makes it a cool option for start ups as well. There you will meet co-workers from various background, which in turn would help you to learn so many new things like language, culture, and much more. Though here you can team up with like minded individuals and your business to new heights.

Facilities Offered by Wolk: A Coworking Community:

  • It’s completely save there are no hefty rental bills, nor they charge electricity bills. Hence, they are highly cost effective.
  • There you will find good security, you will be under CCTV Surveillance for 24/7, besides that you will also get a locker facility, and you can also get there by Digital access.

Some other facilities like:

  • High speed internet
  • Highly Gadget friendly work stations
  • Vibrant environment
  • One Desk Option
  • Meeting and Seminar room
  • Cafeteria
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Unlimited Tea/Coffee and snacks
  • Membership options :

Wolk: A Coworking Community in Nehru Place offers even one day membership option besides, weekly, monthly, and yearly membership packages. Their packages are very pocket friendly. Even you can customize it according to your convenience.

Price : 6,999 INR/M

Address : Bakshi House 40-41 (Near Chiranjiv Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

Phone no. : 098213 85535

2. Awfis

Awfis is one of the leading co-working space in India. It’s located in major parts of the country. They have a strong believe that they provide more than a co-working space. The best thing about Awfis co-working for which they are highly known in the market is they offer very affordable membership plans like you can take even hourly membership as well for shared office spaces in Nehru Place or any another location. They also offer weekly, monthly, and yearly membership. Nor they will charged you any set up fee or any kind of security deposit. They aim at community building so that new start ups find it easy to grow and established.

Amenities at Awfis: 

Conference, Courier, Food, LCD,  Meeting, Parking, Printer, Reception, Storage, Tea Coffee, Wifi

Price Starts : Base Rate Rs. 800.00/Daily

Address : The Great Eastern Centre, Awfis Space Solutions, GESCO), 70, Behind IFCI, Tower, Nehru Place, Delhi 110019

Phone no. : 1860 258 6633

3. 91 Springboard

It’s popularly known as growth hub number of start ups. 91 Springboard it’s not just a co-working space providing office walls only but it goes beyond that. It offer access to well established network of mentors, along with a forum for finding and posting jobs opportunities. They currently 3 co-working spaces in Delhi, while their coworking space in Nehru place has a capacity of more than 250 seats. They offer 24/7 access to their members, vibrant community, exchange of knowledge and skills, network building and other office amenities, like stationary, and free Wi-Fi. Regularly host events, seminars, workshops for members and investors.

Price : 5,300 INR Onward/M

Address : 3rd Floor, Chandra Bhavan, 67-68, Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

Phone no. : 095822 64747

4. MyHQ

MyHQ is not a office space, rather it’s a network of work cafes and spaces. Which you can easily access through their website or by app. They cover more than 50 locations in Delhi NCR. It’s a highly suitable option for those freelancers or professionals who are always on the go.  They ensure that at every location of theirs you will get high speed internet, stationary, power access at all times. So, that you won’t face any issues while working. If you become a member at MyHQ then you will also get discounted prices for food and drinks at number if outlets.

Price : 300 INR/Day

Address : IFFCO-TOKIO, 40-41, Basement, Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

Phone no. : 092050 06361

5. Workly

Workly is the best option whether you are interested in solo entrepreneurship, or want to start a new business, or want to shift your team at one place.  They offer unique interiors, convenient work space, at comfortable location. They aid there members with facilities like high speed internet, unlimited snacks, tea, and coffee, printing, stationary, 24/7 access, conference room, seminar room, and much more. Innovative people finds it most suitable. It’s one of the most encouraging coworking space in Nehru Place. Here you will feel comfortable from day one only. And end up getting so many new ideas for taking your business to new heights.

Price : 499 INR/Day

Address : Hemkunt Chambers, 3rd Floor, 310, 3rd floor, 89, Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

Phone no. : 085888 92771

Benefits of Coworking Spaces for Startups

Maximum startups are choosing coworking spaces these days. Coworking space is breaking the ground. They are bringing the revolution and transforming the face of commercial real estate from the last few decades. According to a recent survey, an expert says the market will going boom with co-workers along with the co-working space in the near future. A coworking offers a pleasant environment for work along with flexible desk options for its members. Hence, the popularity of co-working spaces is increasing at a huge rate especially among entrepreneurs of start-ups. These space offer its members a wide range of facilities which help them to concentrate on their work at affordable prices. Though allows them to save a lot on financial resources. Coworking space in Nehru Place is the best option for all those searching for the best yet affordable space near south Delhi. As its in the capital of India. Hence, providing huge investment and business opportunities. In India’s ecosystem of start-ups had found co-working as a blessing. In a number of ways, not only in financial terms but also in when we talk about the smooth functioning of the business. Any entrepreneurs of start-ups searching for an office space found shared space as a great option to start their business operations.

There are a number of benefits which a coworking can offer to entrepreneurs of start-ups. It allows you to choose flexible working hours according to your convenience and a place of work. Digital Marketing Freelancers who work from home found it difficult to fully concentrate on their work as there are many disturbing elements or you might feel isolated. On the other hand, coworking space offers you a place where you will comfortable like you are working at your home with a working environment which gives you a feel of corporate office. It helps you to save on your financial resources.

Coworking Spaces Can Be Ideal for Entrepreneurs.

Have you ever desired to work in a co-working space? Though co-working is a shared office space where individuals who are basically self-employed, independent professionals, or any professional who require a full-time office space. Who wish to work together in an environment which is communal, collaborative setting rather in a traditional office space. Coworking space in Delhi is the best option for many starts ups as Delhi is the hub of many big companies and has a lot to offer. The many advantages offered by Co-working make it ideal for entrepreneurs. Shared workspace in South Delhi, also provide facilities of seminar rooms, conference room, and a meeting room. Which make it easier for an entrepreneur to arrange for things.

Rapid growth of co-working in South Delhi

The biggest advantage of being a self-employed contractor is widely known as being your own boss. It allows flexibility to choose a time slot of your convince and place of work as well besides the power to deduct not so important business expenses for income tax purpose are some of the powerful incentives. In a survey, statistics indicate that self-employment is rising steadily and by 2025, almost around 50% of the total workforce in the world would consist of freelancers, contract workers, self-employed, and on-demand workers.

This rise in self employed population has led to rise in demand for co-working space. Shared office space in Delhi, has seen a increase of 40% from 2018. Many large organization are also shifting their operations in a co-working space. Multi billion dollars companies like what’s app, Instagram, Uber, and many others were incubated in a shared office space only. In some situations working from home can be advantageous for you but it leads to isolation and distraction which somehow has great distraction on your productivity. Then, co-working is the most suitable option for you.

Here are some reason why it’s an ideal for entrepreneurs.

  • Low-cost start-ups

For low-cost start ups, it’s a good option as you need pay according to your membership package only.

  • Location

Co-working is usually located in a place where your clients can easily reach to you. While you don’t need to explain any lanes. Search out for co-working near me to know about the best option available near your place.

  • Space and amenities offered

Shared office space in South Delhi includes amenities like parking, on-site parking, café,  gym, etc. If you are getting these facilities, expect to pay a bit more.

  • Desk Space

Membership fee is usually high for reserved seats and co-working space in South Delhi has a private cabin facility.

  • Some other membership benefits

Some other benefits co-working offers are like 24/7 access, conference room, seminar room, receptionist, mail services, secure bike and car locks.

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