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Top 10 Best Coworking Spaces in Delhi

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Co-working Space is the best option for all those people who are always on the go and for startups. It saves a lot of money used as financial resources, as all facilities are shared by all the members of the co-working. Here we have curated a list of Top 10 Best coworking spaces in Delhi, which will help you to choose best shared office space in Delhi in your budget and according to your needs.  Choosing right coworking space is always a difficult task but almost all coworking offices provide a free trial, it becomes best opportunity to spend a day at your desired coworking space in south Delhi or any location of Delhi and experience working environment, all facilities explained in website. It helps you choosing best co-working space in Delhi. You need to click on book trial and fill your information, you get a call from company and they schedule your free trial.

Why to Choose Coworking Space?

Willing to Shift in a coworking space in Delhi? That’s Good idea because a shared office space allows cost saving on a lot of expenses. If you are startup then most of the amounts are spent over office and office management. Its not too much easy to manage everything of office at initial days. There are lots of expenses and cost associated with your business.

You can get best coworking space in Delhi near Nehru Place South Delhi at affordable monthly tariff. You can easily reduce the expenses by shifting to a shared office space in Delhi. Freelancers or professionals who do work from home can’t properly concentrate/focus on your work so find a working environment like a corporate office and peace of mind and comfort. It not only save a lot of money  but also allows you to concentrate more on your tasks.

Top 10 Coworking Space in Delhi, India

Entrepreneur, Small organization or a Freelancer, if you are looking for best Coworking Space in Delhi NCR near Nehru Place South Delhi. Where you can work without hectic problems of electricity bill, maintenance and other office expenses. Here your work and relationship with others member from various industries go hand in hand, and you need not to worry about the budget, you get affordable shared office space in Nehru place or any another location of Delhi. We have sorted few coworking space in Delhi for you. Pick anyone of these best co-working spaces in Delhi/NCR and you can enquire them directly. They save your time on scrolling the internet for searching the Best Coworking space in Delhi.

1. Wolk
coworking space in Nehru place

It’s the leading co-working space provider in Delhi. Their space is equipped with all the basic amenities required for the smooth functioning of work.

  • 24/7 CCTV Surveillance

They know your security matters, so Walk Coworking Office Spaces are fully optimized with 24/7 CCTV Surveillance. For your security, you can fully trust.

  • Locker Facilities

Come office with your personal stuff? Don’t worry they have locker facilities ready for you. Keep your personal stuff in your own locker and unease yourself of carrying them daily.

  • Digital Access

Wolk doesn’t allow unauthorized persons to enter in Wolk. Everyone is having digital access to enter in Wolk

  • Unlimited high-speed internet facilities 

The Internet is the most important requirement, everyone wants high-speed internet facilities in their offices to create ease in their workflow. Knowing client’s requirements, therefore, we provide them high-speed internet facilities.

  • Gadgets Friendly Workstation

Technology is developing every day also coworking spaces. In this modern world, Wolk equipping  coworking spaces with high-end office gadgets for fulfilling your office requirements.

  • Cafeteria 

Taking a little break from your work can be good for your body and mind also. Wolkindia cafeteria is well equipped with all the things you need. You can relax and then again continue your work.

  • 24/7 Electricity Backup

Wolk Coworking spaces are fully equipped with inverters and create a 24/7 electricity backup to continue the workflow of the employees.

  • Phone Booth 

Inter connectivity plays a major role in exchanging information and ideas in every business, so Wolk also provides you phone booth for your connectivity.

  • Unlimited Tea/ Coffee

Refresh yourselves with a little break of tea and coffee. Wolk has tea and coffee machines, whenever you want tea and coffee you can get it.

  • Personal Desk 

Get your personal desk and be your own boss. If you’re working on a new idea or starting a new business our personal desk facility is there for you.

Address: Bakshi House 40-41 (Near Chiranjiv Tower), Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

Phone no.: 09821385535

   2. Springboard

shared office space in Nehru Place

It is the most favorite co-working space for many startups. They have space for more than 1200 co-workers. They provide various facilities to their members.

Here are few top features of Springboard Coworking Space in Delhi –

  • 24 Hours 7 Days Office Space:

Springboard coworking Space allow its members to access everything they need in 24×7 hours in office. Her you get awesome Private cabins, Workstations, High Speed Wifi, Conference Room, Cafeteria etc.

  • Flexibility for Team Size

You are free to add some more members in your team or decrease the number of team members as per your requirements, we provide you space for everyone you need within coworking space.

  • Presence in all Over India

If you are moving to another city then you can take advantages of Springboard PAN India network and chose coworking space in various cities of Springboard.  Springboard is having branches in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Goa, Noida and Pune.

Address: Plot 23, Maruti Industrial Area, Sector 18, Gurgaon

Phone no.: +911139595578

   3.  CoworkIn

Shared Cabin in South Delhi

Coworking basically provides its services in different parts of Delhi like Lajpat Nagar, Nehru Place, and Patel Nagar. They aim to offer the most cost-effective space with facilities like desks, private offices, meeting rooms and space for events.

Their offices are so creatively designed and well optimized with all office equipment. They are also planning to expanding their locations in Noida and Gurgaon.

Address- CoworkIn,
Kushal House, 39 Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

Phone no.:+919716587873

   4. CoworkDelhi

space for corporate events in South Delhi

CoworkDelhi is also another name that comes in mind when you think about the coworking space in Delhi. Their coworking space is at the prime locations in Delhi and can be easily accessible by all means of transport. They have different types of plans as per your needs.

It’s a perfect option for all those startups who are not just looking for co-working space but wants to build a network through events and mentorship.

Address:101, Khudi Ram Bose Marg, Pratap Nagar, MayurVihar Phase 1, New Delhi

Phone no.:+911142487128

   5. Socialoffline

space for seminar in Nehru placeIt’s the most well known, co-working in Delhi. They have amenities like Wifi, printers, lockers, café and much more. They provide opportunities for physical interaction.

Address: A-9 & 12, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Phone no.:+917838652814

   6. MyHQ

office space in Nehru Place

MyHQ is the biggest chain of coworking space in Delhi. They have their location set up in Delhi and Delhi NCR. You can easily go through their plans on their website or their mobile app. They also provide you a free trial for experiencing their services for free.

MyHQ is a network of work cafes and spaces. It’s the best option for all those people who are always on the go. Once you become the member will also get discounted rates at various outlets for food and drinks.

Address: Cross Point Mall, 1st Floor, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

Phone no.:+919205006361

   7. A Little Anarky

shared workspace in South Delhi

They are known as co-working space provider in Delhi. They offer couches, desks, and work stations. They even organize workshops and seminars. To help you grow your business.

Address: T-74, 4th Floor, Near Daryacha Building, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Phone no.:+918130929009

  8. Innov8 Coworking

coworking space in Nehru place

Innov8 Co-working is a brainchild of entrepreneurs and investors. Who wanted to use their experience in nurturing other startups. They have a sun-soaked terrace and also provide customized work stations.

Address: Regal Building, 69, Hanuman Mandir Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Phone no.:+919999466688

   9. Wolk Okhla

Providing customized requirements with affordable prices makes Wolk a co-working space, the perfect choice for all your office space needs and requirements. An environment created by Wolk gives people the chance to explore and grow their business ideas.

  • Pocket-friendly packages

They care for your budget that’s why their affordable coworking space plans are there for you. 

  • Well designed office space

A well-designed office plays an important role in your employee’s minds. Working in a well-designed office makes them feel like working in a more comfortable zone, which enhances their quality of work.

  • Safe and friendly environment

Your safety is their priority Wolk offices are fully equipped with all the safety measures in case of emergency.

  • Clean and hygienically maintained

Cleanliness is the medicine for all diseases and Wolk’s coworking space are strictly follows this idea to work in a healthy and clean environment. 

  • 24/7 access

They provide 24/7 access to their clients for ease of working at any time.

  • Wi-Fi networks with high-speed internet facilities

High-Speed internet facilities are there to make a smooth work experience. Wolk’s whole office is wifi enable zone.

  • Cafeteria with tea and coffee

Coffee and Chai breaks can be a very good way to decrease your work stress. For this Wolk’s coworking space is equipped with cafeteria for these breaks.

  • Locker facilities

Locker facility makes it easy for you to no more carrying your stuff with you every day.

  • Tailor-made workspace as per the team size

Pay for coworking space as per your workforce and start working on your dream project.

  • Personal cabins

Want your own working space made only for you? See Wolk’s personalized cabin services.

  • CCTV surveillance

They know your security matters, so Walk Coworking Office Spaces are fully optimized with 24/7 CCTV Surveillance. For your security, you can fully trust.


Address: A235, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase – 1, New Delhi – 110020

Call: +91 98213 85535

   10. Awfis

Coworking Space Near Me

Awfis is another big name in coworking space provider, they have their coworking spaces set up in big metropolitan cities like Delhi, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Banglore, Kolkata, and Pune.

They did not just provide space for working but also a platform to interact with many mentors. Who lets you reach new heights in the future. They are very cost-efficient.

Address: L-29/34, 1st Floor, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Phone no.:18602586633


How Coworking Space Helps to Increase Your Work Productivity?

Coworking – a perfect solution for your needs. With immensely control and having flexibility in jobs, freelancers and many remote employees have the power to determine where they work. Most of them choose to work from a coworking space or from a shared space. In order to carry out their work in a smooth and effective manner, and carry out work hours according to their convenience. A number of professionals from various professional background  join coworking  and become their members to get driven communal workspace. So, that can get out the house or they can bounce ideas off other creatives also. Though coworking space offers enumerous facilities to its members like meeting rooms, WiFi, cafeteria, flexible setting options, private cabins, managerial cabins and open workstation and much more. If you are searching for a shared workspace in South Delhi. Then your searches end with the above listed top 10 coworking spaces in Delhi, It will help you to choose best coworking spaces to be considered. They also provide space for conference rooms in Delhi.

How coworking helps in increasing your productivity

There are number of ways in which a coworking space enhance your productivity. It allows you a benefit of working in a diverse work place unite with many independent workers like you. According to a survey report, which shows that there is 76% increase in the productivity of workers after joining coworking space. A positive surrounding plays an crucial role in your success. Well equipped, designed environment attracts you and other perks like layout, furnishings, and décor helps a lot in increasing the productivity of professionals. Concentration is a key to productivity. Almost all coworking shared office space in South Delhi are designed with the verbal and international processors in mind.  Open floors are the best way to increase the efficiency of employees. While on the other side, quite zones and private spaces allow others to work according to their will.

Why is Delhi Best Option for Coworking Space?

Delhi is the national capital of India, it is the city with busy morning, high level of work discipline, highly aspiring and motivated employable workforce, more than in other cities. The city has a vibrant work culture which represents a population which is a blend of different people who come from different states in India. Hence, coworking space in Delhi and collaborating with local workers are always useful to overcome the cultural differences in city. Its especially very good for a non – native entrepreneurs.

Delhi is thronged by a lot of business centers offering all facilities of an office, conference rooms, and a skilled administrative team to welcome customers. Coworking office space, or sharing office space or rental office space in Delhi are surely leading the way a sharp rise over the past few years. It is surely expected that the number is going to double year after year. As the number of young entrepreneurs and any professional freelancers (SEO Freelancer) are increasing day by day. Delhi is the second biggest coworking in India, it has a lot to offer in its rewarding work atmosphere. Delhi is a place where, many global and regional head offices of the world’s major companies are available.

The biggest challenge for an entrepreneur is that ” to find a coworking space with desired interiors, in a good location and hassle-free services India, solo mission of finding a functional coworking space can be solved here you can check out the prime location in Delhi like: – Nehru Place, Canad Place, Nehru Place, Netaji Subhas Place, Janakpuri, Lajpat Nagar, Okhla, Okhla phase 1 Etc.