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Coworking Spaces After the Pandemic

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Coworking Spaces After the Pandemic


Coworking spaces in Delhi – Coworking space is a common area where people from different organizations work independently on different projects.  It is not a typical office because people from many organizations work in the same arena. coworking space in Delhi has all basic amenities like- printer, Wi-Fi, a conference room,and-an unlimited cafeteria.


Advantages of coworking 

  • More networking opportunities

It is the biggest benefit of coworking space that Many individuals connect, consequently increasing business by spreading brand awareness.

  • Increased productivity

Mostly small businesses are run from home but at home, distraction Is everywhere. But when you work in a co-working space you get a working environment, and you work rapidly increasing your business productivity.

  • Creativity

When you work with fellow workers of other organizations you get more innovative ideas, a good perspective, a refreshed mind, and a good alternate for your business problem

  • Collaborate opportunity

Coworking space exposes you to more opportunities due to more hand in hand networks

  • Cost-efficient

When you rent an office on your own you must pay for all the necessities like electricity bill, coffee, tea, etc. But when you work in a co-working space, all the organizations pay in combined  for monthly necessities which makes co-working space more cost-efficient and cheaper

  • Flexibility

Coworking spaces offer flexible agreements like cancelling the membership anytime and this makes coworking spaces more adorable and efficient.


Coworking Spaces in Delhi After the Post-Covid Pandemic

Coworking space after the pandemic is like a silver lining for small companies because, after the pandemic, the economic condition of small companies is very critical so to manage the company coworking space is the best place.

Nowadays excessively sanitized environment is created, due to the Covid Pandemic. A safe desk and other safety equipment are upgraded in the workspace. More innovative coworking measures are taken after the pandemic.

As the conventional office cost higher for basic amenities than the coworking space.-

People are preferring the coworking spaces in Delhi, as it is appropriate for a few employees. As per the requirement of the social distancing norms few people can be accommodated in the working space. A big challenge arises for small companies because they are unable to pay or renew their membership plans so to eradicate these problems co-working spaces have introduced more basic plans which can be opted for by all the companies.

More innovative plans are initiated by the co-working spaces like the work from the home plan, under this plan 50% or 25% of the employees must join the coworking space and the rest 50% or 75% of employees work from home. Under this plan, 25% of employees working from the workspace are provided with basic amenities of Wi-Fi, IT services, snacks, tea, coffee, Safe desks, and other safety equipment. All basic Check-up norms are completed before entering the workspace. Regular sanitization of the desks, equipment, and the workspace is done regularly.

The scope of the coworking environment would increase amazingly in the future.


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