How is Coronavirus Affecting Co-working Space Business?

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How is coronavirus affecting co-working space business?

Coronavirus (COVID19) impact on co-working

In all the metropolitan cities there are thousands of co-working, and in these co-working lakhs of person are working together. But in the current situation when there is a wake of Covid -19 outbreak all most in all the countries of the world. The coronavirus has started from China and is rapidly spreading. Providers of coworking space in Delhi that mostly attract travelers, freelancers, you tubers, start ups, and other professionals who doesn’t need a full-time office as their crucial clientele are taking preventive measures in order to the deadly Covid-19 away from their co-working space.

Preventive Measures for Covid-19 taken by co-working

  • Most of the co-working has shut their centres to stop the wider spread of Covid-19. While another co-working has issued advisory to its members urging them to stay in self-quarantine if they have recently visited any foreign country. Where there is an outbreak of Covid-19 and don’t come into direct contact with any such person who has any travel history or if you feel any symptoms of coronavirus undergo proper medical screening. Such members are advised to work from home.
  • All the shared office space providers are monitoring situation very closely. So, that the situation doesn’t get worse. They all are trying to maintain an infection free environment at their respective centres.
  • While Covid-19 is likely to have short lived in India, but if it long lived then the outbreak could encourage more and more occupiers and landlords to place a much greater emphasis on its employees well being and their sustainability.
  • All the co-working space providers are adhering to guidelines and rules and regulations issued by the government and by the local health authorities regarding how to prevent Covid-19 and how to manage the situation on an ongoing basis.
  • On a daily basis disinfected thoroughly the workspace and continue this process to maintain utmost hygiene. Place full-size sanitizer bottles almost at every corner of the office. Place one community help desk which always remain open, so that in any case if anyone needs any kind of help they can get it from there easily.

Important advice for co-working members

Follow the advisory issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and by Medical Council of India in order to stay healthy and fit. Avoid going out and stay at home as much as you can. Follow advice on travelling to high-risk countries. Besides, that maintain good hygiene.

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