how to become an astrologer in India

How to Become an Astrologer in India


Astrology is a pseudoscience that reveals the future of an individual affected by the planetary positions.  An astrologer provides the spiritual connectivity of living beings to planetary bodies. Astrologers get informed about people’s personality, influenced by the alignment of the stars and planets. India is considered the birthplace of Astrology. There are many routes to become an Astrologer in India, but each one has its own perks and pitfalls. If you are curious about what it takes to get your astrology on, you have come to the right place.

Dedication is required if an individual wants to be apart of this profession.

Go through the complete analysis according to your dedication that how a career can be pursued in astrology. An individual can select

  • A recognized University holding a professional degree in the desired course.
  • Can become a proficient astrologer only by reading complete books of Astrology
  • Can take the full education from a world-famous astrologer and get taught by a mentor attending his live sessions online.

Across the globe, every country has its levels of getting knowledge about pseudoscience astrology. But as we are residing in India, we are the richest follower of Vedic astrology for thousands of years. Our Hindu mythology is very much inclined with this pseudoscience therefore it is a privilege to be an Indian astrologer.

India has a very strong Astrological background, hence, to continue the tradition we have in our treasure, the number of renowned universities who are offering professional astrological courses in INDIA

These universities offer different astrology courses for different durations of time. Interested candidates can enroll themselves as per their dedication towards learning in the various courses of astrology in Delhi.

Indian Council of astrological Sciences offering a one-year basic course of astrology and

Research programming course for two years.

Various astrological courses offered in Delhi claim to make you fully educated about this pseudoscience but believe me the truth about getting educated surely depends upon your intensity of learning.

Practicing birth chart reading could take years or more, it all depends upon the dedication.


Eligibility criteria to get enrolled.

Basic schooling with 10 + 2 streams

should have attained 17 years of age.

Strict strategies to be followed by an individual to become an astrologer

  • Acquire complete education of astrology either from a college or from any of the world-famous astrologer.
  • Once the formal qualification finishes an individual should start practical insight into astrology. The prospective astrologer would gain job experience. To develop a full-fledged career in this astrological environment.

Astrology provides an extensive skillset

Planetary positions, houses of planets planetary transitions, and their progressions.

Make yourself educated about various Zodiac signs.

Provides full training in a personal analysis which is necessary for individuals’ development.

An individual attains a degree of empathy, integrity, and responsibility.


Worldwide the numerous forms of astrology which are immensely popular among the dense population

Natal astrology

Followed by western Chinese and Indian traditions. entirely dependent upon the birth chart of an individual.

Horary astrology

Based on the construction offers an instant horoscope.

Chinese astrology

Dedicatedly followed by Chinese people and entirely based upon Chinese philosophy

Vedic astrology

Completely followed by we Indians based on our Hindu mythology.

Western astrology

Followed by western developed countries that are continuing Hellenistic and Babylonians and traditions etc.

Practicing birth chart reading could take years or more, it all depends upon the dedication.


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