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How to Do On Page SEO

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How to Do On Page SEO in 2022?

For doing on page SEO of any site first we have to analysis the content of that site which you are going to optimize .Then after content analysis these are list of things to change in website’s content to optimize are:

Keywords Role in On Page SEO 2022

Keywords are the main focus term which is related to your content and searched by user in search engine to get your website in result page.These are words we use throughout our content to rank our website on SERP. But there are certain things to remember while placing keywords in our website’s content

  1. Keyword Density– It means how much keywords should we use in our content .So for each paragraph of our content we should use 2-3% of keywords.
  2.  Keyword streaming – It means to use keywords in our website content to add prefix, suffix or pluralize them to make keyword into new word.
  3. Keyword prominence – It means how your keyword in your website content is showing or standing out.
  4. Keyword proximity – It means how  two or more keywords are close to each other.
  5. Keyword frequency – It means how many times keywords are repeating .
  6. Keyword stuffing – It means using excessive keywords in content which is not required and which will lower our website ranking in SERP.
  7. Keyword cannibalization– It means using many identical or similar keywords through the content .It should not be done as search engine will lower our website rank.

Title in On Page SEO

The title of content should have focus keywords which will help search engine to rank our website in SERP.

Meta description in on page seo

Same things happen with meta description also .we should use keywords in meta description too and meta description should not exceed 33 characters.This will help our content to get better and then by this our website will get better ranking in SERP.

Headings (H1,H2,H3..etc) in on page seo

We should write our content in points like giving (heading 1,2,3..etc) to get user friendly content and to rank our website SERP and don’t forget to place in headings too.

Internal link and External link in on page seo

Internal link are those link which is given to go go from one webpage to another webpage under same as domain and External link are those link which is given in one domain webpage to go to other domain webpage.

Inbound link and Outbound link in on page seo

Inbound link are those links by which user get landed from other domain  website to our website and Outbound links are those links by which users get landed from our domain website to another domain site.


It is a file or webpage that we create in our website that lists all webpage urls in our site.This allow search engine to crawl our website more efficiently and to find any urls that were separated from rest of site’s content.


It is a file we create in our website to tell search engine crawler to index which url and which url not.

Alt tag

Alt tag are provide context to what an image is displaying telling search engine crawlers to correctly index the website images.

Canonical tag

Canonical tag is used to prevent problem caused by identical or “duplicate” content appearing on multiple url.

Open graph tag

This tag is useful if you have more than one url for the same content and want to designate one for all your social share .This tag will tell which is canonical url for your page.

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