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Top 10 Online Astrology Courses in India


Top 10 Online Astrology Course in India – Learn Astrology Online From Comfort of Your Home

Do You Want to Learn Astrology Online? Here are Details about Online Astrology Course.

Astrology is a procedure to foresee significant clues about the prosperity and the fortunes of a certain person or anything else. The events are based on positions of celestial bodies specifically the planets and the stars.   By the combination of the activities of the planets and the stars, others can be assumed of future events. An individual who uses this procedure to tell about the forthcoming event and a character of a person is called an Astrologer. Whereas, India has tremendous knowledge in astrology. It just feels delighted and wonders that India has its ancient knowledge. The society also wants, that somebody can tell something about their fortune or character. This method is used since ancient times. But astrology is not a simple or easy topic to learn. In astrology, there are also various topics to learn. One can learn these topics through an astrology course so that he or she can start a profession in astrology. Let’s see how many topics and courses in Astrology

Importance of Learning Astrology

Astrology is the pseudoscience that makes you learn, the language of planets. It provides you, methods of speaking with the divine force. Astrology provides you the ability to make accurate predictions and it surely provides how to control strong and dangerous forces around you. Astrology is the art of reading astral charts deeper and deeper. It could be a lucrative career option in India, as astrology has emerged as a promising field, and astrology courses are getting more popular.

There exist many reasons that an individual can learn astrology.

  •       Can learn the ability to read horoscopes.
  •       It behaves like a guiding light of your life.
  •       It provides the best lessons of freedom and choice.
  •       It helps you to discover your superpower.
  •       Can attain the power to guide the divine cosmos.

Various astrology courses offered, surely provide a strong base for candidates who are willing to opt for astrology as a career. This is the best suitable career for those, who have a great inclination towards an astrology career and they are quite able to grab complex terms covered within a stream.

1. AstroSatva Course

Aman Deep Saini is the founder of AstroSatva who is a famous and experienced astrologer who has immense knowledge of astrology. He knows astrology-related subjects which guide and support their customers. When the customers have some problems in their life or want prediction of any of the events he helped them all. He gives many solutions to a lot of people and all those people are leading a happy and now healthy life. AstroSatva will give you a solution to your problem after deeply looking into it. There can be a big change in your life when you take advice from AstroSatva. When you reach AstroSatva, first he will understand your issue then will make sure to help you. 

Contact for Any Query:  +91-701-100-3044, +1-778-771-2820

2. Indian Astrology 

As the information published in Indian Astrology dot com website –  All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies (AIFAS) was founded in Delhi on 9th May 2001, As per Hindu Calendar It was Samvat 2058 Jyeshtha Krishna Dwiteeya Wednesday in Anuradha nakshatra and Parigh yoga. The organization is registered under the Society Act – xxi of 1860 and has registration no. S-39420/2001.

AIFAS in association with Future Point brings to you, Online Astrology Courses with targeted learning to accelerate your career in the right direction! With a curriculum championed & taught by masters, get extensive study material, and LIVE Zoom Sessions to rack up a jump start on your new certification!

Contact Detail:  011-40541000, 011-40541020/1021/1022

3. Top astrology courses (Udemy)

In this course, you have an opportunity to learn about solar eclipses, planetary hours, karmic astrology. It will boost your self-awareness to learn astrology courses like chart interpretation, Vedic astrology. To help your customers more easily then you can learn and use astrological services. It is an online course that is beneficial for you as you don’t have to anywhere and can learn about astrology. There are beginner, intermediate, and advanced level courses that you can opt for according to your knowledge. You will get a certification, online video lectures can have lifetime access to study material.

4. Astrologer forecasting for everyone (Udemy)

This course mainly contains concepts like houses, planets, horoscopes, zodiac signs. Students can learn many things about astrology in this course like students can know about short-term and long-term astrological forecasting. There is also an astrological forecasting software that students can also learn about it and not only this they will get to know natal charts, the importance of phases, eclipses, and moon signs. In addition to this, there is no need for pre-existing knowledge about it. 

5. Astrology Diploma Course (Center of Excellence)

This course will help you to know about the history of astrology, horoscopes, and how to formulate the right charts. One can also get to opportunity to learn about the phases of the moon, houses, and angles. To learn this course you have to approve under the ABC Awards and Certa Awards quality License Scheme and will get the certificates from both the awards. The learner who has some knowledge or starts fresh to pursue this course can start this course. 

6. Short term courses and four-year training programs (Astrology University) 

You will be able to learn relationship astrology, astrological symbols, forecasting, career astrology. As we talking about career astrology so this course help to know personal goals which are through only the knowledge of astrology, embodied experiences can also be available for you to learn. 

7. Vedic astrology Diploma course (Center of Excellence)

It covers the significance of Vedic astrology that means history and spiritual significance. In addition to this, students will also understand reincarnation, past lives, souls, birth charts and can interpret the birth chart. Furthermore, you will be able to differentiate between western and Vedic zodiac signs also. 

8. Medical Astrology in Herbalism Diploma Course ( Center of Excellence)

In the Medical astrology Diploma course, you will be able to understand topics like constitutional systems and the history of medical astrology. Will also get to know about how to pick herbs, make herbal preparations, and how to use herbs safely. Also, understand the Natal Chart and zodiac signs. 

9. Vedic astrology, part 1 (Udemy)

This course covers the topics like sign characteristics and planetary. It is mainly for an individual who wants to learn the behavior of people. After getting into this course one can think about his or her career as a psychologist or life coach. You will also learn the meaning of houses and the qualities of different constellations.

10. Vedic astrology, part 2 (Udemy)

For availing of this course, first, you should have to be completed Vedic astrology part 1. Through this course, you will get to know about the various charts like North Indian charts and natal charts. Able to learn and understand astronomy and how to Comprehend the planets with friendly or unfriendly signs. The main thing is that you know what are the differences between Vedic and western astrology. 

These are the various online courses to which you can opt and enhance your knowledge in the field of astrology. 

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