Ranking factors of Google

Top 10 Important Ranking Factors of Google

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Top 10 Important Ranking Factors of Google

Having a new website and in this world of competition, it becomes hard to rank your website on top.

You want to rank your website, here is the key. First, you should know about SEO and others factors that will land your website on top.

SEO (search engine optimization ) is the act of expanding the amount and nature of traffic to your site through natural web crawler results

SEO is of two types – On-page Seo and Off SEO. To rank, your website on-page and off-page should have to be done.

Google ranking changes frequently when competitors upload high-quality content. To maintain your ranking in google, you must update with factors responsible for ranking.

Are you sure your website follows the foremost trendy SEO best practices?

Presently, however concerning we tend to see the way to facilitate improve SEO rankings by involving all 10 important factors needed for google’s top ranking. Here are the :

 Top 10 important factors needed for Google top ranking 

  1. Website Security
  2. Crawlability
  3. Mobile Friendliness
  4. Page Load Speed
  5. User Engagement
  6. Domain Age
  7. keyword optimaziation 
  8. High-quality Content
  9. Organized information
  10. Backlink Profile

1: Website security

Google has talked concerning website security as a positioning variable. Presently, it’s maybe the most Google ranking factors on this summary. Website security needs the use of HTTPS encoding. Destinations with HTTPS encoding have SSL declarations that create a secure association between a website and its purchasers. It adds a further layer of safety that secures information listed among purchasers and also the website. Internet indexes need to drive purchasers to the foremost reliable locales, and HTTPS encoding shows them that a webpage is secure. On the off probability that your website computer address starts with a communications protocol, not HTTPS, your website is not secure, and you ought to add an SSL testament.


2: Crawlability

Web crawlers cannot rank a webpage if they cannot discover it. That’s the explanation website crawlability may be a significantly important SEO positioning part. Crawlability permits internet search tools to see a website and audit its substance so that they will understand what the difficulty here is and the way it ought to rank. On the off probability that you simply would like Google to rank your website, allow internet search tools to go your webpage. Provide a sitemap to the highest internet search tools. Check your record standing in Google Search Console to audit the number of pages Google has crawled on your website.

Appropriately use robots.txt to inform that internet crawlers that pages got to {they must} access and that pages they ought to overlook.

3: Mobile Friendliness

Mobile-friendliness points to a website’s appearance and performs once someone sees it on a mobile phone. Since a larger variety of searches are directed on cell phones than work areas (52.2% of internet traffic comes from cell phones and also the variety is on the ascent). To see whether or not your website is responsive, gift your website to Google’s Mobile-Friendly check. It’ll report back any problems with the mobile friendliness of your website.

4: Page Load Speed

Another SEO positioning part is page loading time. When your website is searched by any user, the loading time should be less on mobile as well as on desktop. Page loading time decides whether the user will visit next time. The reason for long page loading speed can image, structure etc, needs to be improved. You can website speed using tools also.it will help you to decrease your page loading time.

5: User Engagement

The user should have a good experience with your website. It helps your website to rank. Google measures it with various factors like CTR, Bounce rate, time spent on the website.

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): It is the percentage of users clicking your website link while searching. By improving CTR, you can increase your website ranking.
  • Time on the website: It is the time user spend time on your website. the more time user stays google think you are having relevant content, indirectly helps in ranking of your website.
  • Bounce Rate: It is the rate, when a user clicks your website, without interacting leaves your website immediately, google thinks you won’t have relevant content, will not rank your website. Make your bounce rate should be low.

6: Domain Age

Another factor important for your ranking is domain authority.To increase your ranking, your content should be good, expressive, users find it relevant .higher the domain authority, easily it will be ranked by google. 

7: Keywords Optimization 

One of the most important factors is the use of keywords in your website. Always use a keyword that a user is searching it will list your website in search pages. To make sure the website is keyword optimized. You should use keywords in the title tag, meta description, H2 and H3 heading, image ALT Text, keywords in the URL. Avoid keyword stuffing.

8: High-quality Content

To attract users, your content should be unique, organic, valuable. It does not matter how well your website is optimized, if your content is not unique, it will not rank. Another thing to be remembered is content length, your content can not be short, it becomes difficult to rank.TO increase your content quality use headings and subheadings H1, H2, H3, use image and bullets, and numbering to organize your content. 

9:  Organized information

Another important factor your website should be optimized. Your website structure will help in indexing and crawling. Further, to enhance, create a sitemap . A sitemap has all pages you want the search engine to crawl. It helps google to find pages in one place.

10: Backlink Profile

Backlinks are another sign that tells google crawlers that a website is valid. Close to content, backlinks are frequently viewed because the second most vital SEO positioning component. On the off likelihood that you simply want your website to rank, you would like to build backlinks for your website|from high authority websites. By getting these links, it gives a signal to Google your content is trustworthy, unique as others websites are allowing. 

Is your website optimized for All Top 10 Important Factors Needed For Google Top Ranking?

Since you perceive what SEO positioning elements are typically important, it’s a perfect chance to contour your website with the help of SEO consultants.

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