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Lead Generation Companies in India that Helps Businesses to Grow

Lead generation companies as the name suggest lead generation means to become a leader in a dense population by executing attractive prospects in front of them. A lead generation company gathers Information about the product and for the variable interest of the consumer, they put in great effort to launch the new product to gain the lead in the market. The lead generation company in India concentrates on the service to provide qualified leads for their services. They promote the company to the fullest to attract an audience for the business.

Few examples are listed below such as

  • Job opportunities
  • Blogs
  • open
  • live streaming
  • content posts

The more the above factors are attractive, the more clientele they will receive. It is one of the sales strategies followed by the business owner. These leads approach the unapproachable. it’s a vast network. Nowadays even small investors want to sell their products through the best of the lead generating companies who have expertise in sales. Though it is not an easy task to publicize Somebody’s product

Here is the list of the top 10 India’s best lead generation companies that are providing excellent services to businesses.

1. King of Digital Marketing

King of Digital Marketing is India’s leading digital marketing company in Delhi and ranked #1 lead generation company in Delhi.  Ranked 1 for best digital marketing services in lead generation. The best lead generation company is just a synonym for King of Digital Marketing, it has proved this by their result-oriented services. KDM  wants you to pay only when you get the leads and this strategy help to run a successful business which in turn helps to grow your business effectively and drive huge revenue and increased ROI.

Address: 1st Floor, 1800/9, near Pooja Masala Store, Govindpuri Extension, Kalkaji, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

Phone no: 09555696058


2. Devweboic

Devweboic has set its name in the industry by proffering premium Digital Marketing Services. It is emerging as one of the most trusted companies in lead generation company in India.

Address: 1st Floor, 1800/9, near Pooja Masala Store, Govindpuri Extension, Kalkaji, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

Phone no: 09555696058


3. Salesaladin

SalesAladin is a customer acquisition firm founded in 2016 in Ghaziabad, India. Offering an apt solution for your business problems. SalesAladin built a campaign to increase the customer base of a software development firm.

Address: 334, Orbit Plaza, Crossing Republik Ghaziabad, 201016, UP, India

Phone no: +91 997 113 8887


4. Vsynergize

Vsynergize is a global sales and marketing service provider Founded in 2001,  that has offices in San Francisco, and Pune, India. It is one of the top lead generation company in India.

Address: 4/6 Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park – Phase-I, Hinjewadi, Pune – 411 057

Phone no:  +91 20 67959729


5. Salesify 

Salesify is an information technology firm that has offices in the United States, the Philippines, and India.

Address:  4th Floor, Tower B3, Cerebrum IT Park, Kalyani Nagar, Pune 411014, Maharashtra
Phone: +91 20 67290400


6. Go4Customer

Go4Customer is a contact center outsourcing company that is based in Noida, India with other centers in Jaipur, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Bhopal, India, South Tiverton, UK, and Houston. Since 2004, their team of over 200 experts has been providing the best lead generation services in India.

Address:  SDF Block G-13/14 Noida Special Economic Zone (NSEZ) Phase II, Noida 201 305

Phone: +91-120-6277700


7. Value Direct 

The company offers high-quality leads to its customers operating in various sectors, including – real estate agencies, insurance firms, travel, education, and Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), among others. Offering leads that are sales-ready, relevant, and measurable, the company assures its customers an increased return.

Address: 1606-1609, 16th Floor, Rupa Solitaire, Plot No.A-1, Sector 1, Millennium Business Park, Mahape, Navi Mumbai – 400710

Phone:  +91 22 41534215

8.  Lead NXT

Offering an apt solution for your business problems, LeadNXT provides cloud telephony, Web API, and lead management services. The company mainly focuses on automating and managing leads through a key business process.

Address:  LeadNXT D 67, Sector-2, Noida

Phone:  +91-8010003355


9. B2B Associates

B2B Associates took charge of a lead generation campaign for a financial services firm that needed BANT qualified leads to improve their sales.

Address:  Level 9, Tower 2, World Trade Centre, Pune, India – 411014


10. Connecting All India

A relatively new name in the industry in India, Connecting All India (CAI) is emerging as one of the most trusted companies in lead generation. It understands the individual needs of businesses and offers them solutions accordingly. The company stands out for delivering the maximum quantity of the best quality leads.

Address: Swastik Society, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009

Phone: 079 6555 7775


Efforts Done By Lead Generation Company

  • Playing with the keywords
  • Storing entire information about keywords
  • Portraying appealing pattern of display
  • Securing confidential details of the company

We just have to give keywords to the search engine to open up the entire wealth hidden in the keywords. Keywords are the hint of information we want to gather from the website.

A whole lot of data is available to buy these keywords.

Lead generation agencies provide the best services to their clients. Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing sectors to promote the products of investors. They even keep a regular watch on the growth of the product.

Nowadays generation agencies work on behalf of entrepreneurs who want to promote their business by the means of digital marketing.

Jobs performed by lead generation agencies

  • They attract clients as well as generate interest among Uninterested clients
  • Use digital marketing platforms as a campaigning move to drive in more business
  • Keep regular watch on their contents and strategies to improve SEO for better revenue
  • Do regular monitoring on this success counts present on the portals.

Services offered by best lead generation agencies to grab huge clientele:

  • SEO services- deliver the best content to the web pages to attract an ample amount of audiences

as the number of readers increases consequently, we will pop up the SERP. select extraordinary content, slides, PPT, videos to boost the SEO. As a result, we will reach heights of SERP’S unbeatable content only can bring victory in this competitive sector.

  • PPC’C-pay per click advertising-it controls ROI RETURN ON INVESTMENT. -Instead of traditional advertising lead generation agencies offers revenue return for every click. as soon as a visitor clicks the ad only then payment would be done, no overspending of budget.
  • Content writing -expert writers, with unique writing skills, who have the power to pen down facts, who can fascinate the audience with their thoughts are the best-suited profile of lead generation agency in Delhi. Who can regularly update the post according to rivalry content writers. Agency has proficient copywriters and editors who can efficiently do their jobs. content writing majorly contributes to SEO search engine optimization.

A fact to mention, small struggling industry if select lead generation service, for very sure the quality service provided by an expert agency would do wonders.

 Characteristics of good lead generation service:

  • Delivery of perfect leads
  • Continuous watch on competitors
  • Good advertising using digital marketing
  • No risk no loss
  • Pay only for quality

Few differences have been lined up between lead generation company and lead generation agency:

  • A lead generation company provides a full network of channels for leads whereas a lead generation agency provides only ideas to pursue further
  • The lead generation company calculates the cost of the entire network but the lead generation agency

Would estimate the cost per task

  • Customers can change the lead generation company but they cannot select another agency if chosen once.

The cost charged by lead generation companies

Variable charges for the different tasks are marked by lead generation companies. even cost differs for clients different for national clients and another for international clients. Refer to the working experience hold by the company, for how many years they are developing markets for their clients.do not select the glam to opt for the quality work done, spend according to your pocket, don’t step beyond that and there are companies that are providing the best effort at the lowest cost.

In recent years lead generation sector has approached the B2B aspect as per the growing market demand.


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