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Dr. PK Talwar – Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi


Dr. PK Talwar : India’s Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi

Dr P. K Talwar is the best cosmetic surgeon in Delhi. He has an enormous experience of more than 32 years. He has the best team of surgeons. He is widely known in and around Delhi for his magnificent services in the field of cosmetic surgeries. He has degrees in FAPS (Cosmetic Surgery)-USA, M.Ch – Plastic Surgery, MS – General Surgery. He is an expert surgeon for Hair Transplant, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, Gynaecomastia and Botox. Inventions are taking place every day and technology is getting advance. So, he uses the most innovative and advance technology for the treatment. For best hair transplant in South Delhi and tummy tuck surgery in Delhi, the only name to be considered is Dr P. K Talwar.

Introduction of Dr. PK Talwar Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. PK Talwar Interviewed By Anjana Om Kashyap

Famous News Reporter of India Anjana Om Kashyap Interviewed Dr. PK Talwar when She was employed with News24 Channel.

Hair Transplant Videos by Dr. PK Talwar

Hair Transplant In Delhi, India By Dr PK Talwar – Are you tired of using hair oils, shampoo, and other homemade remedies to fight with your baldness and excessive hair fall problem? If yes then the best permanent, 100% safe and pain-free treatment that is available for you is Hair transplant. In hair transplant procedure the surgeon uses your own hairs from the donor area so it’s a very safe treatment. While it’s a minor cosmetic surgery done under local anaesthesia. For hair transplant in Delhi Dr P. K Talwar is the best option available. He offers very competitive hair transplant cost in South Delhi. Dr PK Talwar uses FUE and FUT techniques for the treatment. The whole procedure of hair transplant took 4 – 8 hours. It is in one session only.

Dr. PK Talwar Explains about Causes of Hair Loss


Hair Transplant Procedure by Dr PK Talwar


Cost of Hair Transplant in Delhi


Success Rate of Hair Transplant in India


Is a Hair Transplant Permanent ?


Is Smoking Hazardous For Hair Transplant ?


Does Hair Fall After  Hair Transplant ?


Is Hair Transplant Painful ?


Hair Transplant Procedure by Dr PK Talwar


Who should Go for Hair Transplant?

How Long Does Transplanted Hair Last?


Which is Best Hair Transplant Technique for High Density?


Can I Use Shampoo After A Hair Transplant?


Which Hair Transplant Technique is Better FUE or FUT?


  How to take care of hair post hair transplant?


Can I Use Alcohol After Cosmetic Surgery?


Who should not do PRP hair treatment?


Laser Hair Removal In Delhi By Dr PK Talwar

Doctor P.K. Talwar is board-certified cosmetic surgeon having 30+ years of experience in cosmetic/plastic surgery. A former consultant at Sir Ganga ram hospital, Apollo hospital and Fortis hospital. He is running his clinic “Best of You” at Greater Kailash part -1. Laser hair removal damages the follicles in a affected area,  so that the current hair is destroyed, and future hair growth stops. This is achieved with a special laser, focusing intense light energy on the hair follicles. Multiple treatments reduce the amount of hair produced.it is a cycle of 3-4 weeks.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Delhi, Cost, Session BY Dr. PK Talwar

Tummy Tuck Surgery In Delhi By Dr. PK Talwar

Tummy tuck is cosmetic surgery. It is a surgery done to remove unwanted layer of accumulated fats from the stomach area. It is also called abdominoplasty. For Tummy tuck surgery in Delhi visit Dr P. K Talwar. After the surgery, you will get a flat and toned stomach. Tummy tuck surgery in South Delhi.

Tummy Tuck Surgery in Delhi (Abdominoplasty)


Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck Surgery in Delhi) By Dr PK Talwar


Liposuction Vs. Tummy Tuck


What is Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Gynaecomastia Surgery in Delhi by Dr. PK Talwar

Gynaecomastia is a situation when a breast tissue in boys and men tends to swell. This situation arises when an imbalance occurs between two hormones in your body. All males have a very small amount of breast tissue in them. Gynaecomastia happens when a male is going through his puberty, or in older age. Hence the body makes less testosterone. Though the imbalance occurs. Dr P. K Talwar is highly famous for treatment of Gynaecomastia in South Delhi.

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in India


कैसे निकाला जाता है Gynecomastia Gland? Gynecomastia Gland Removal from Male Breast


Gynecomastia(Male Breast) Permanent Solution, Gynecomastia का 100% इलाज


Gynecomastia (Male Breast) Surgery Step by Step Procedure by Dr PK Talwar


Gynecomastia Surgery (Grade 3) in Delhi, Male Breast Reduction, Live, Cost, Surgery


Gynaecomastia (Male Breast Reduction) Healing Time, Recovery Time After Gynecomastia


Gynecomastia Surgery Scar Less होते है या नहीं ? Is Gynecomastia Surgery Scar less?


Gynecomastia Surgery Detail in English, What is Gynecomastia (Male Breast) Surgery?


Can Gynecomastia Be Prevented? पुरुष स्तन का इलाज, Male Breast रोकने के उपाय


Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in India Delhi, Male Breast Reduction Cost @INR 40000


 Diet to Avoid Gynecomastia(Male Breast), आप क्या खाये की Gynecomastia ना हो आपको


Can Exercise Reduce Gynecomastia (Male Breast)? Exercise | Gynaecomastia


Gynecomastia: Post Operative Care | Gynecomastia Surgery के बाद क्या ना करें?


क्या Gynecomastia के Patients Army ( Defence Services) में अनफिट हो जाते है?


Can Gynecomastia Come Back After Surgery? Male Breast हमेसा के लिए ठीक हो जाता है?


Pseudogynecomastia Vs Gynecomastia | Gynaecomastia है या नहीं?


Unilateral Gynecomastia, One-Sided Male Breast, जानिए एक साइड Gynecomastia का इलाज


How to Plan Gynecomastia Surgery, Things to Consider Before Male Boobs Surgery


Gynecomastia Self Diagnosis, खुद से Gynecomastia की पहचान कैसे करे?


Does Exercise Reduce Gynecomastia (Male Breast), How to Get Rid of Gynecomastia?


Hormone Test Before Gynecomastia Surgery, सर्जरी से पहले हार्मोन टेस्ट जरूरी है क्या ?


Gynecomastia Sexual Activity Affect करता है? Does Male Breast Affect Sexual Activity?


 Can Gynecomastia Be Corrected By Vaser Technique? Male Breast Reduction Surgery, Delhi.


Asymmetrical Gynecomastia (Male Breast) Surgery in Delhi, India, Man Boobs Treatment


Liposuction surgery In Delhi By Dr. PK Talwar

Liposuction or suction lipectomy is a surgical technique used to remove the fat from the body. It is also called lipo. liposuction surgery in Delhi. With the enumerous advancements and improvements made over the last few years, liposuction is one of the most frequently performed surgery. For liposuction surgery in South Delhi visit us.

Liposuction Surgery in Delhi, Procedure & Benefits


Liposuction Surgery | Is Liposuction Surgery Permanent?


Abdominal Liposuction Surgery | Abdominal Liposuction Result


Liposuction Body के किस किस पार्ट में होता है? Where is Liposuction Performed?


How Much Fat Can be Removed Through Liposuction? कितना फैट घटेगा


Liposuction for Instant Weight Loss? लाइपोसक्शन से तुरंत वजन घटता है क्या ?


Vaser Liposuction Surgery in Delhi, Procedure, Treatment, 4D Vaser Liposuction


Breast Reduction Surgery with Liposuction, Reduce Breast Size with Liposuction


Liposuction Cost in India, Delhi Starts@75000 | Cost of Liposuction Surgery | Dr. PK Talwar


Banana Roll Liposuction in Delhi For Buttock Reshaping By Dr. PK Talwar Liposuction Surgeon in Delhi


Does Fat Come Back After Liposuction? Liposuction Surgery in Delhi By Dr. PK Talwar

Abdominal Liposuction After Pregnancy | Liposuction Surgery After Giving Birth


Arm Liposuction Delhi | Fat Removal from Arm | Best Liposuction Surgeon Dr. PK Talwar for Arm


मोटापा घटाने की सर्जरी, Liposuction Surgery for Stubborn Fat Removal, Fat Removal


Liposuction After Bariatric Surgery, Can i Get Liposuction Surgery After Bariatric


Double Chin Reduction/Removal in Delhi, Cost, Procedure, Result, Chin Liposuction By Dr. PK Talwar


Are you a good candidate for Liposuction? Must Watch Before Liposuction Surgery?


Liposuction Surgery for Obesity? Is Liposuction Good for Obese People?


Does Liposuction Surgery Help to Conceive, If You are Over Weight?


Tumescent Liposuction Surgery in Delhi, India, Tumescent Technique for Liposuction


Scar Types After Liposuction, Will I Have Scars After Liposuction Surgery?


Why Elastic Garment is Necessary After Liposuction?


How to Get Rid of Love Handles? Love Handle Liposuction in Delhi, Cost, Procedure


Liposuction Surgery – Excess Fat Removal Of Abdomen, Chest & Back. 6 Pack Abs Procedure Dr PK Talwar

Rhinoplasty Surgery In Delhi By Dr. PK Talwar

Rhinoplasty popular known as nose job. It is very popular plastic surgery done for correcting and reconstructing the nose. He is highly recommended for Rhinoplasty surgery in South Delhi.

Cost of Rhinoplasty Surgery 


Rhinoplasty Cost Of Surgical And Non-Surgical Treatment 


What Happens After Rhinoplasty Surgery? Types of Nose Job Surgery By Dr. PK Talwar


Does Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Leave Scars? क्या Rhinoplasty Surgery के बाद Scar आता है?

Eyelid Surgery in Delhi (Blepharoplasty Surgery)

Doctor PK Talwar is a specialized doctor in cosmetic surgery. He has experience of 30 years in this industry. He was a consultant at Sir Ganga ram hospital, Apollo hospital, Fortis hospital but now he is running his cosmetic surgery clinic at Greater Kailash part -1, New Delhi. He has good experience of Blepharoplasty Surgery or eyelid surgery. trimming off excess fat or the sagging skin and muscles to make the eyes look young, little stitches and scars are seen. Time taken for this surgery is not more than 45 minutes .

Eyelid Surgery in Delhi

Fat Removal Surgery (Tummy Tuck Vs Liposuction)

Dr. PK Talwar is an experienced cosmetic surgeon and has an experience of 30 years. Former senior consultant in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Fortis Hospital, and Apollo Hospital. He is running his private clinic in Greater Kailash Part 1. Liposuction is a process in which fat removal of the body is done, it is a surgery which does not require a recovery period. Tummy tuck is the cosmetic surgical procedure to improve the appearance  of the tummy during the process of abdominoplasty. the surgeon makes incisions to remove the most of the skin and fat between your belly button and public hair in the horizontal oval or elliptical shape.

Liposuction Vs. Tummy Tuck

Lip Augmentation in Delhi By Dr PK Talwar

Dr. PK Talwar is an experienced cosmetic surgeon and has an experience of 30 years. Former senior consultant in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Fortis Hospital, and Apollo Hospital. He runs a clinic in Greater Kailash Part 1. Lip augmentation is a thickening of lips of young and middle-aged girls. Synthetic acid is used for the thickening of lips by filling the acid in the lips the surgery is Redone after 11 to 12 months because of the dissolvement of the acid between the lips and decreasing the volume of the lips another supplement is the fat adding in the lips for the thickening of the lips which makes it more efficient and durable.

Lip Augmentation Cost in India

Buttock Augmentation in Delhi By Dr PK Talwar

Highly experienced cosmetic surgeon, as well as a board-certified plastic surgeon. now practicing in his private clinic at GK part-1 South Delhi.Has expertise in buttock augmentation. Fillers used in this technique to increase the volume of the buttocks. Instead of fillers nowadays fats are also implanted to enhance the size of the buttock. fats implantation is safer and more durable. Fillers require local anesthesia whereas fat implantation is a sort of surgery which needs proper anesthetist to give anesthesia. For long-lasting effects, an individual should opt for fat implantation, but filler treatment would be repeated after certain years due to the soluble nature of fillers.

Buttock Augmentation Surgery in Delhi

Breast Augmentation in Delhi By Dr. PK Talwar

Highly professional reputed cosmetic surgeon of Delhi. Dr. PK Talwar practicing in his private clinic for various cosmetic surgeries. B-reast augmentation in females is one of them. This procedure involves increasing the breast size of females by implanting saline and silicone. An incision is made at the crease of the breast to implant the content, therefore the size increases.no major scars left behind after the surgery. Local anesthesia is provided for sure to make the treatment painless. Bruises heal within a week with the help of medication. An individual would get back to work after 8 days of surgery. Get quality treatment at the best prices.

Breast Augmentation with Fat Injection and Breast Implant

Male Breast Reduction in Delhi (Gynaecomastia)

An expert cosmetic as well as a plastic surgeon in South Delhi who is engaged in practicing male breast reduction procedures for Gynecomastia. This is the increased breast size condition in males. Pulls down the self-esteem of an individual. Breast increase occurs due to hormonal imbalances. It could happen at any age. Excessive intake of medication and alcohol could be because of this. Surgery is done to cure mild, moderate, and severe conditions of gynecomastia. Local anaesthesia is ever provided to make it painless surgery. It is a very cost-effective procedure done by Dr Talwar in South Delhi. Do not bargain with quality. Consult a reputed cosmetic surgeon to get the solution to your problem.

Male Breast Surgery in Delhi

Why opt Dr PK Talwar for Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi

Dr P. K. Talwar is a highly renowned cosmetic surgeon in Delhi. He has imported machines that help him in giving result-oriented treatment. Dr P. K Talwar is a well-known name for liposuction in Delhi. He has a team of expert surgeons who possess a good experience. Almost hundreds of patients from a plethora of industries visit him daily.  Tummy tuck surgery in South Delhi.

Contact Details: 

E-34, Greater Kailash – I,
New Delhi 110048, India

Call Us + (91) 11-46564718, +91 9999288562


Reviews of Patients about Dr PK Talwar: Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi

I have had 3 consecutive surgery on my both feet ‘Big toe nail’ but problem of ingrown nail returned each time. After reading favorable reviews by patients regarding Dr.P.K.Talwar positive experience on Practo, I took consultation from him and I quite amazed and happy as to how a doctor can be so caring and friendly despite their busy schedule and danger of COVID-19.Dr.Talwar gave m patient,lengthy hearing in which he explained me as to why I should not get my whole Tonail removed as I had planned after consulting other doctors. He assured me that he shall give best of his 35 year experience to treat my case and recurrence shall not occur.I visited Iren Hospital for Surgery and local anesthesia injected by him caused very little pain in comparison to surgery by previous doctors. He also agreed to photoclick of my surgery site as well as detailed report of surgery performed.Although it is 2nd day of surgery and I am in bandage and wound is in healing process but my gut feel says that my ingrown toenail problem is gone.Thank you doctor Talwar sir.

Vinod kumar gupta  –  (Source: Practo  Review)


My first visit to Dr talwar for my daughter she has birth mark and consult to Dr talwar he told me everything about the procedure how is it done . And I understand all the thing and my daughter go through the procedure and now we relax that she will be OK thanks to Dr talwar

Neeli Gupta (Source: Practo Review)


He is amazing, simply amazing.
I went for a cosmetic treatment under him and man, he never made me feel like he was/is a surgeon – he would handshake whenever we met, talk like a friend, crack jokes etc.
Talking about the procedure, I’m extremely happy with the way he did it and the results. He asked me time and again what I wanted to do/have done, and this was of great help.
One more thing, he isn’t greedy like other doctors/surgeons. When I told him that I could only pay him a certain amount ( which was less than his regular fee), he agreed.
Shall visit him again. Thank you sir if you’re reading this.

Yash Galav (Source: Google Review)

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