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Dr. PK Talwar – Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi


Dr. PK Talwar : India’s Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi

Dr P. K Talwar is the best cosmetic surgeon in Delhi. He has an enormous experience of more than 32 years. He has the best team of surgeons. He is widely known in and around Delhi for his magnificent services in the field of cosmetic surgeries. He has degrees in FAPS (Cosmetic Surgery)-USA, M.Ch – Plastic Surgery, MS – General Surgery. He is an expert surgeon for Hair Transplant, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, Gynaecomastia and Botox. Inventions are taking place every day and technology is getting advance. So, he uses the most innovative and advance technology for the treatment. For best hair transplant in South Delhi and tummy tuck surgery in Delhi, the only name to be considered is Dr P. K Talwar.

Introduction of Dr. PK Talwar Cosmetic Surgeon

Hair Transplant by Dr. PK Talwar

Are you tired of using hair oils, shampoo, and other homemade remedies to fight with your baldness and excessive hair fall problem? If yes then the best permanent, 100% safe and pain-free treatment that is available for you is Hair transplant. In hair transplant procedure the surgeon uses your own hairs from the donor area so it’s a very safe treatment. While it’s a minor cosmetic surgery done under local anaesthesia. For hair transplant in Delhi Dr P. K Talwar is the best option available. He offers very competitive hair transplant cost in South Delhi. Dr PK Talwar uses FUE and FUT techniques for the treatment. The whole procedure of hair transplant took 4 – 8 hours. It is in one session only.

Dr. PK Talwar Explains about Causes of Hair Loss

Hair Transplant Procedure by Dr. PK Talwar


Botox Treatment

Dr. PK Talwar offers the best quality services and cost for Botox treatment in Delhi.  Every one of us wants to look younger than our age. Botox is becoming more popular nowadays. It is a cosmetic surgery that is done for improving facial appearance in adults. Though it is also effective for bacterial infection treatment. The disease caused by its known as botulism. Provide the best Botox treatment in South Delhi.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck is cosmetic surgery. It is a surgery done to remove unwanted layer of accumulated fats from the stomach area. It is also called abdominoplasty. For Tummy tuck surgery in Delhi visit Dr P. K Talwar. After the surgery, you will get a flat and toned stomach. Tummy tuck surgery in South Delhi.


Gynaecomastia is a situation when a breast tissue in boys and men tends to swell. This situation arises when an imbalance occurs between two hormones in your body. All males have a very small amount of breast tissue in them. Gynaecomastia happens when a male is going through his puberty, or in older age. Hence the body makes less testosterone. Though the imbalance occurs. Dr P. K Talwar is highly famous for treatment of Gynaecomastia in South Delhi.

Liposuction surgery

Liposuction or suction lipectomy is a surgical technique used to remove the fat from the body. It is also called lipo. liposuction surgery in Delhi. With the enumerous advancements and improvements made over the last few years, liposuction is one of the most frequently performed surgery. For liposuction surgery in South Delhi visit us.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty popular known as nose job. It is very popular plastic surgery done for correcting and reconstructing the nose. He is highly recommended for Rhinoplasty surgery in South Delhi.

 Why to opt Dr. PK Talwar for Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi

Dr P. K Talwar is the highly renowned surgeon in Delhi. He has imported machines which helps him in giving result-oriented treatment. Dr P. K Talwar is a well-known name for liposuction in Delhi. He has a team of expert surgeons who possess good experience. Almost around hundreds of patients from a plethora of industries visit him daily.  Tummy tuck surgery in South Delhi.

Contact Details: 

E-34, Greater Kailash – I,
New Delhi 110048, India

Call Us + (91) 11-46564718, +91 9999288562


Reviews of Patients about Dr. PK Talwar: Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi

I have had 3 consecutive surgery on my both feet ‘Big toe nail’ but problem of ingrown nail returned each time. After reading favorable reviews by patients regarding Dr.P.K.Talwar positive experience on Practo, I took consultation from him and I quite amazed and happy as to how a doctor can be so caring and friendly despite their busy schedule and danger of COVID-19.Dr.Talwar gave m patient,lengthy hearing in which he explained me as to why I should not get my whole Tonail removed as I had planned after consulting other doctors. He assured me that he shall give best of his 35 year experience to treat my case and recurrence shall not occur.I visited Iren Hospital for Surgery and local anesthesia injected by him caused very little pain in comparison to surgery by previous doctors. He also agreed to photoclick of my surgery site as well as detailed report of surgery performed.Although it is 2nd day of surgery and I am in bandage and wound is in healing process but my gut feel says that my ingrown toenail problem is gone.Thank you doctor Talwar sir.

Vinod kumar gupta  –  (Source: Practo  Review)


My first visit to Dr talwar for my daughter she has birth mark and consult to Dr talwar he told me everything about the procedure how is it done . And I understand all the thing and my daughter go through the procedure and now we relax that she will be OK thanks to Dr talwar

Neeli Gupta (Source: Practo Review)


He is amazing, simply amazing.
I went for a cosmetic treatment under him and man, he never made me feel like he was/is a surgeon – he would handshake whenever we met, talk like a friend, crack jokes etc.
Talking about the procedure, I’m extremely happy with the way he did it and the results. He asked me time and again what I wanted to do/have done, and this was of great help.
One more thing, he isn’t greedy like other doctors/surgeons. When I told him that I could only pay him a certain amount ( which was less than his regular fee), he agreed.
Shall visit him again. Thank you sir if you’re reading this.

Yash Galav (Source: Google Review)

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