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Birthmark Removal Treatment in Delhi at Best Cost

Birthmark Removal Treatment – Birthmarks are common types of discolouration that appear on the skin during the first during the birth week. They occur anywhere on your face or body from colour to colour, shape to shape, some are temporary, and some are permanent. Most of the birthmarks are harmless, but some indicate an underlying medical condition. In some instances, birthmarks may be removed for cosmetic reasons. There are various cosmetic surgeons in Delhi, India who are doing treatment for birthmark removal in Delhi. Let’s know about the cost of Birthmark removal treatment in Delhi and their process.

Live Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment for Red Birthmark: Watch Video

Causes of Birthmarks

There is various myth related to birthmarks but the underlying reason why the birthmarks are caused is not known to date.

Are Birthmarks Genetic?

Some birthmarks run in families, but most are not. Very occasionally some are caused by a genetic mutation. For example, some babies are born with port-wine stains to have a rare condition called Klippel-tenancy syndrome. Another rare condition is Sturge Weber syndrome, which also appears as port-wine stain birthmarks and is caused by a different gene mutation. This type of syndrome does not run in families and cannot be inherited.

Results of Red Birthmark Removal by Pulsed Dye Laser

Types of Birthmarks

Birthmark Falls into Two Categories:

  • Vascular Birthmarks
  • Pigmented Birthmarks

Vascular Birthmark

These occur if blood vessels in a particular area of skin do not form the way they should. For example, there may be too many blood vessels clustered in one area of the body that may be wider than they should be.

Pigment Birthmark

These birthmarks occur when there is an overabundance of pigment cells in one area. The natural colour to the skin is given by these pigment cells.

Pigmented Birthmark

This type of birthmark occurs when your skin generates more pigment cells in one part of the skin in another part.

  • Moles

Colours of moles vary from pink to black or dark brown. They vary in size and may be flat or raised. They are typically round and can occur anywhere on your face or body. Some moles fade but others last for life.

Vascular Birthmarks

Sometimes a bunch of extra blood vessels will clump together, and you can see this cluster in your skin this is called a vascular birthmark.

  • Salmon patches

These red or pink patches often occur in the area between knife or islands or on the back of the neck. They are sometimes referred to as Angel kisses or stork bites. They are caused by a cluster of small blood vessels under the skin. They generally do not require medical treatment as these patches sometimes fade in colour.

Birthmark Removal Procedures

Birthmarks, A decade ago often exercised using a scalpel or sanded down through dermabrasion. Birthmark Removal Surgery, The laser is more effective less intrusive, and less painful when comes to birthmark removal, lasers produce short pure intense bursts of one coloured light that passed through top layers of the birthmarks are fragmented and examined microscopically. For pigment birthmark, some pigment comes off in the crust that forms after treatment from is absorbed back into the skin and a small amount remains invisible in the skin. In vascular birthmarks, lasers cause the blood measures to be trotted sealed off then destroyed and absorbed.

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