how to attract freelancers in to your coworking

How to Attract Freelancers to Your Coworking Space?

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It is quite uncertain that whether or not a coworking spaces in Delhi, after 2-5 years will swallow up the traditional offices, but one thing is crystal clear that the concept of coworking space has a very bright future. But still for a newly established coworking space, it is difficult to attracting new clients or freelancer to their space. On the other side, it’s usually easy to fill private offices as because one can sell these offices to some corporate clients, startups, whereas, renting a hot desk might become a challenge. Here are some ways to attract freelancers to your coworking space.

There is no doubt that new business or freelancer is growing rapidly. According to a survey report by the end of 2030, more than 50% of the total work force will be consisting of freelancers. If you notice that your coworking space is half empty, this is the point, where you need to make efforts. You need to attract to all the freelancers in your area, then in any way just invite them that your space is better alternatives for them instead to work from home, or a noisy café with an unstable Internet connection

How to attract freelancers to your space

  • Do marketing of your coworking space at Google

It’s highly recommend to list your coworking space on Google. Also include some important information like the opening hours, phone number, email and website details and allow your current members to add their photos of the venue in the Google listing. This will helps you to build brand awareness and gain good online presence. While by running an AdWords campaign you can reach out all the Web Design to attract freelancers who are interested to join a coworking space.

  • Introduce Attractive Membership Packages

Its quite openly known to everybody that freelancing business is not always profitable. Majority of the freelancers are able to get work for the part time only. Best Coworking Space in Nehru Place should offer such membership packages that reflect and presuppose great flexibility to the members. Or charge members only for the time period they have used space like per visit charge.

  • Give one day free trial

Give one day free trial to all the potential clients. Allows them to spend one day at your  Shared office Space in South Delhi, for free and let them experience the difference of working in coworking space and from home or café. This will also attract more prospective members to your space.

  • Give discounts on a reference

Give huge discounts to all those members who tend to bring in their acquaintances to the space, while you might get surprised by seeing the results of the strategy.

  • Have good presence on Social Media platforms

A coworking space should have a good social media presence across different  platforms and it should regularly put posts on Facebook and on Instagram. Don’t spend too much on the advertsing in the beginning, build it up slowly and wisely as per the needs.

  • Organise Events and Seminars

Organize various exciting social events, seminars, and  thematic workshops for members, as well as for non members and you will see an influx of new members. Always remember that with coworking space, it is the sense of community which matters the most.

  • Offers different perks on joining

Offer members with different perks like discounted rates coupons of various restaurants, coffee shops, fitness centers, and accounting services. Offer your members special discounts at some venues. In this way your coworking space will derive great benefit and new SEO Freelancer will attract towards your coworking space.

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