top 10 astrologers in mumbai

Top 10 Astrologers in Mumbai


Humans has the power to govern the universe with help of force, divine and external factors. A few no. Of people who may not agree with the same but good no. of people agree in the study of planet and stars. Consequently, we have brought you the best astrologer, more efficient among top 10 astrologers in Mumbai, who have in depth knowledge of the Hindu scripts for detailed analysis of your problems.

Here is the list of Top 10 Astrologers in Mumbai

Astrologer KM SINHA

Commencing a vocation as an IIT scholar, now he is a famed Vedic astrologer and Kundal wizard not only in India but in many parts of the world .he is conventionally known for faultless divination concerning some diplomatic events .the Kundali expert has its main branch situated in new Delhi. His prognosis is on the build of Vedic astrology, where he studies planetary positions of the different celestial body equivalent to Kundali or place, date provided to him. He escorts people, individuals, by providing solutions to their issues and how to overcome the upcoming problems and prevent oneself from them. Astrological predictions have also been made by him by translating astrological rules into mathematical models.

Living aspects of Mr. K M Sinha

  • Earned his living by providing chemistry coaching classes
  • Devoted 15 years to astrology to make it a full time profession

KM SINHA governed astrology as a science, which works on different celestial positions of different planets at different houses, playing a very influential role in life.

Factors governing the formation of Kundali

  • Date of birth
  • The precise time of birth
  • The exact place of birth

Kundali is formed by 12 houses. The position of stars (i.e. the 9 zodiac planets) is positioned in these houses according to one date, place, and time of birth. The Kundali remains the same but the celestial positions keep on changing which places an impact on the lives of individuals.

Phone: +9198-183-183-03, Website:

Advantages of Kundali

  • A person could get aware of his /her upcoming arduous period of their respective lives
  • Upcoming can be prevented
  • Remedies can be prescribed by the best astrologer Mr. KM Sinha
  • Good times can be cherished to the fullest

Primarily located in New Delhi, the best astrologer in Delhi K.M.Sinha is a known Kundali Expert and has made many personal and diplomatic predictions accurately. Be it personal life, professional, career, or health one can easily consult and get expert advice. He can also make predictions through palmistry and numerology. One can get a Kundali chart prepared free of cost. The cost has never been a criterion for Astrologer KM Sinha. Individuals can conveniently approach Astrologer KM Sinha, he is just a Whatsapp message away. or you can download hi sKUndali Expert Mobile App to book consultation with him and ask your questions. Meet him and find the best solutions to your problems.  


Astrologer Chetan Sharma is best astrologer in Mumbai, As his grandfather Pandit Brahmananda was also one of the most famous Astrologer in Mumbai. The main vision of astrologer Chetan Sharma’s astrology career is to solve the problems of people who are facing lots of problems in their life. He amke you understand the issue behind your hindrances and problems and provides you best astrological solutions.

Phone: +91 – 81999 – 99936 Website:


She one of the expert astrologers in Mumbai. Her mastery in astrology meets no bounds. Her astrological portfolio includes : full horoscope reading, Vaastu Shastra, Numerology, Gem Therapy, Graphology, Palmistry, Rudraksh, Havan, and Pooja.

Phone:  +918779090093, Website:


He is famed for the exact prophecy and readings. thousands greet him daily for his accurate prognosis and readings. he assists individuals to resolve their affairs, be family, relationship, marriage, health, education, finance, career, or any other issue. Astrological services include astrology, face reading, gemstone solution, etc.

Phone: 093895 75757, Website:


Ashok is an eminent astrologer in Mumbai who utilizes modern and scientific techniques of astrology. He has equal knowledge of Hindu and astrological scriptures. He has a conventional knowledge and imbibed Knowledge of astrology.

Phone: 02226831614, Website:


Astrologer Pandit Nitin Shastri Ji is one of the best Astrologer In Mumbai and he is most famous for  astrology specialist. which is performed for the benefit of self or the people in this world, this is the reason this method is also called the most famous and popular approach for the solving of your love life problems.

Phone: +91 95307-97878, Website:


Being a Vedic Astrologer i Mumbai , Amarnath Jha is having a mastery in Vedic Astrology.  He accomplished his Vedic studies and acquired various degrees in Sanskrit. You can talk about your affairs Vedic Astrology, Vaastu, Medical Astrology, health, and finance. Further, he is skilled in gemstone therapy and makes practical suggestions. You can contact him between 8 am to 9 pm

Phone: 081999 99936


He has great expertise and experience in multiple branches of astrology. He joined the Gurukul at the tender age of five. He possesses an amazing capacity for accurate readings and predictions. He can trust this renowned astrologer as he has immense knowledge in Indian Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Face Reading, Kundali Reading, Kundali, etc. His clientele is vast and unending. A glance at the services shows Vaastu Shastra, Kundali reading, face reading, tarot card reading, and numerology.

Phone: 091673 06581, Website:


This eminent astrologer holds an MBA from the University of Canterbury. He was fascinated by astrology since childhood and keenly followed planetary movements. Sanjoy has thirty years of experience in this field. Specializations of the astrologer include Parashara-based Vedic Astrology, Mantra, Pooja, and Gemstone science. You can get consultations on issues pertaining to family, health, love and relationship, education, career, and foreign travel.


He took astroscience as a hobby. He started examining the birth-charts of relatives and friends. Doing so, he used to predict their past and future. This hobby soon became a passion, and Shri Dharmesh Bharot made it a full-time career. He possesses immense knowledge in this field and is very accurate in his readings and predictions. His language fluency can be observed in English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi.


Yet another renowned astrologer, Acharya Shukla has a great passion for astrology. He has gained immense knowledge under the guidance of famous astrologers from a young age He holds numerous professional degrees in astrology. He has clinched the title of Jyotish Shastri. Acharya Shukla is an expert in the field of gemology. He is an expert when it comes to conducting poojas. His astrological consultations are mainly based on issues related to love and relationship, marriage, matchmaking, health, children, career, and finance. He has a great command of languages such as Hindi and Marathi.

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