Top 10 SEO freelancer in Delhi

Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Delhi

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List of Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Delhi

Why Hire SEO Freelancers?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, a method through which we can increase our website’s ranking on the Search Engine Result Page. Today the competition for topmost ranking has grown up rapidly, with so many websites floating on the search engines. So, every businessman is very curious to invest to hire the best SEO freelancers in Delhi for digital marketing services. Proficient SEO techniques enhance the organic ranking of any blog or website. A businessman appoints an experienced digital marketing consultant, who is skillfully enhancing the features to reach heights in a search engine at an affordable SEO Package.

The result of optimized website results in better profits, credibility, and loyal customers. The best digital marketing company in Delhi helps to pull a few strings and place your website among high rankings. Therefore, the business will receive exposure. Without SEO Experts, business suffers from poor rankings which bring down the profit and do not generally lead.

Are SEO Freelancers Cost-effective for SEO Service?

Yes – An elite level of SEO Freelancers are providing cost-effective SEO services. SEO freelancing professionals provide much preferred freelancing programs designed for quality services bearing high customer standards. Guaranteed cost-effective SEO freelancers plan, spent extensive time discussing detailed planning before starting the project. Project initiate only when SEO freelancers are 100% convinced by the strategy.

SEO Pricing Varies According to To Various Factors Such as

  • Years of experience in SEO freelancing
  • Specific terms and conditions
  • Demands desired by the project
  • Budget offered
  • Included packages
  • Marketplace dynamics

The SEO freelancing cost varies dramatically from business to business, and on the amount of organic traffic gathered in a particular niche. The cost is determined by the site structure and digital existence. SEO freelancing services cost optimum charges to even those companies who are having a minimum digital presence. Despite the robust strategy and intense hard work, they do not overcharge their clients.

The SEO Pricing Model Has Been Designed According to

  • Hourly rates
  • Monthly retainer rates
  • Per project fees.

Minimally charged SEO freelancing services – Affordable cost offered by freelancing SEO service never compromises with the quality. In less amount, they provide tough competition for the competing companies. SEO freelancers always try to satisfy their clients with quality white hat SEO Services.

Here is the list of the top 10 SEO freelancers.

Gaurav Dubey

The best SEO expert in Delhi who is immensely boosting up the online sales, online presence, and online reputation of the brand and client, respectively. With 7+ years of experience, he is committed to his work. The best digital marketing expert using the industry’s best skills, following recent trends using modern strategies and tools to develop a website. He is an expert in keyword research, analyzing the competition regularly, developing influential content, and following online marketing strategies. Keeping the client’s requirements in mind, provide affordable digital marketing services.  Here are some process of doing SEO freelancing of Gaurav Dubey (SEO Expert in India).

SEO Audit for Free of Cost

Gaurav Dubey announces no cost full audit of the client’s website to analyze and suggest improvements. It is provided by SEO freelancing. He suggests both on-page and off-page action plans which help in the enhancement of SEO ranking, provide tips for social media accounts, and boost up conversion rates with Social Media Marketing Services.

Perfect Keyword Research

To grow organic traffic, complete research and analysis of keywords are provided by a successful SEO freelancer. Considering all the client’s goals and expectations also.

Link Building

Build links that surely look very natural. Link building job is done manually, no software or automation is used.

Professional PPC ad campaigning

Until a client reaches the best conversion rate all sophisticated and profitable PPC ad campaigning is generated.

Develop Influential Content

Every search engine algorithm has content writing as the most influential and important ranking factor. Expert content writers provide valuable and optimized content by keeping perfect keyword density, with grammatically correct and error-free content.

Local Search Engine Optimization

SEO freelancing services dedicate their efforts to optimize web pages to attract the search from the local area. They build backlinks and maintaining an online profile.

Develop ORM

Maintaining a convincing online reputation to attract good clientele. SEO freelancers have an extensive online reputation to get hired by the clients undoubtedly. They are experts to develop online reputation management for any business or personal brand.

Jagdish Prajapat

One of the most trusted and fastest growing interactive best SEO freelancers. Serving both on the page and off-page SEO services. Responsible for taking the best care of content, internal link building, and optimization.  Jagdish is one of the best SEO specialists in India. You can approach him for any SEO related projects or online marketing. He will help you get quality organic traffic at affordable SEO Packages without spending lots of amounts overpaid ads networks like Google, Facebook Instagram.

Aditya Khanna

Freelancer SEO working on both on page and off page. Expertise in SEO, PPC Google ads. Very tech-savvy expert providing the best of digital marketing services. He is SEO expert in Delhi and Director for one digital marketing agency in Delhi. Aditya has worked with 100+ companies across the globe.

Sandeep Mehta

One of the good freelancers providing SEO, SEM & SMO services to generate the best rankings in search engine. Highly skilled and talented SEO freelancer of digital marketing India.


Best freelance SEO expert from Delhi. His best digital marketing services help to make counts of your business presence online and generate leads.

Deepak Jenna

Google certified digital marketing and web designing expert having 12 plus years of experience in the field of SEO, SMO, SEM classified ads, etc. Working successfully for many of its clients to generate leads.

Rahul Gupta

Having 10 plus years of experience in web development. And keen to serve with his quality SEO freelancing digital marketing services.

Sanjay Choubey

Never following the shortcuts. Responsible for every task performed within a digital marketing company. Taking every project under his guidance personally.

Deep Bhardwaj

Social media marketing specialist. Responsible for generating dense traffic and lead. Putting in promising efforts to rank high in search engines.

I am digital Ninja

Hitesh has been doing SEO Freelancing for almost 7 years now. His Website is  i am digital ninja and has worked with various companies in the industry.He is considered one of the best SEO freelancers in Delhi.


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What are the responsibilities of SEO Freelancers?

When anyone hires SEO freelancer, here are some responsibilities that are given to SEO freelancer.

  • SEO freelancer review and analyze the website of the client for finding any type of error which may be improved before starting SEO
  • SEO Freelancer is responsible for preparing a detailed plan and strategy reports for upcoming months
  • The most important part of SEO is Keyword research, to identify powerful keywords to drive the most valuable traffic is the responsibility of SEO freelancer
  • SEO freelancer sometimes take responsibility for running PPC and Social Media campaigns
  • Call to action buttons are powerful to convert visitors into customers Writing powerful, calls-to-actions are suggested by SEO Freelancers
  • On-page SEO optimization and integrating selected keywords in websites and contents with effective keywords
  • Attractive blog title selection and writing effective SEO blog content for educating customers and share on social media accounts
  • Co-ordinate team for developing backlinks (link building) strategies
  • Competitors analyze and analyzing keywords being used by competitors
  • Always follow the guidelines of search engine and keeping updated for all recent updates of search engine and make strategies to avoid stay within search engine guidelines
  • Compiling the latest Onpage SEO and Latest Off-page SEO techniques and presenting SEO guidelines
  • Report each and every task performed for SEO services by SEO Freelancer



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