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The traditional Hindu system describes various principles of design layout measurement ground preparation space arrangement and spatial geometry. Vaastu is believed to be the harbinger of positive energy and influence in the lives of people. Vastu is living in harmony with nature and the surrounding it suggest to intake in sunlight proper fresh air and space required to obtain life Champs hygiene health wealth and family harmony. It signifies maintaining nature zone value and sanctity like rainwater harvesting plantation and making the environment free from pollutants and hazards.

Vastu Consultant in Delhi NCR -Vastu connotes the lodge of soul and divinity. Vastu shastra is a prehistoric science that has environmental aid candidly proffered by quintuple strands of nature: Vayu (air), Jal (water), Akash (sky), Agni (fire), Prithvi (earth). 

As the name suggests Vastu is a ‘shastra’ is an astute science hinged through jurisprudence, cognizance, certitude by a set of principles, contrived by our ancestors 4000 epochs ago and is progressed by the centuries.

  • It is an ancient Vedic edifice science which lays down a specification for building beautiful houses Vastu is important.
  • Vastu evokes the five elements and provides living space that is clean and clutter-free and can also enhance your mental skills to a large extent.
  • A house that is clutter-free and bright is a sign of an enlightened mind.
  • It can promote happiness and healthiness of the mind. It can also increase awareness of the mind and make sure that people feel alert throughout the day. Proper implementation of Vastu in the building keeps the dwellers energetic the whole day long.
  •  Vastu promotes serenity to the mind and tranquilness to the body liaison relationship among the dwellers living in the dwelling.
  • Vastu summons up 5 elements and providing a quality living space in the dwelling.

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Vastu is a knowledge of natural vibrations that talks about a variety of natural energy sources and factors in the Indian context. Therefore, it may be applied in the countries of the world located on the same latitude or around it or having India like weather, climate, and other environmental factors.  Vastu applies to the regions and countries of only the Northern hemisphere and the areas which have a natural environment like India. Vastu Shastra is principally the science and information of structure which was launched by Indian Saints in ancient India. Vastu Shastra originated from the Atharva Veda.

 Factors Affecting Vastu

  • Earth’s natural shape tilt and structure
  • Its rotation around with an imaginary axis
  • Earth moves around the sun
  • Distance from all planets
  • The magnetic power of Earth
  • Direction of wind
  • The intensity of sun rays
  • Terrain and topography
  • Weather conditions
  • Landscape factors
  • Local climate

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Top 10 Vastu Consultants in Delhi NCR

1. KM Sinha

KM Sinha best astrologer in Delhi is known as the Kundli expert and no. Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR. The world-famous Vastu consultant has years of experience in Vastu Shastra. He is the best choice for the Vastu architecture of houses, offices, and factories according to Vastu in astrology.

2. Tanuj Lal Chandani

Tanuj Lalchandani is an internationally acclaimed Vastu consultant who has dedicated his service to Vastu Shastra. he Has made a mark in the field of Vastu, in many countries as well as India. He was duly honored with various awards related to Vastu Shastra.

3. My Mystic Master

My Mystic Master is a Platform of qualified Vastu experts passionate about helping in creating a successful business and Happy Home through scientific and logical Vastu Shastra services without any demolition. According to them, a business can be considered successful only when it is constantly growing. In other words, stay focused only on growth but this growth never happens by mere chance; it is a result of various forces working together.

4. Rashmi Jain

Dr. Rashmi Jain is one of the most professional and highly qualified Vastu consultants in Delhi NCR. she is among a very few consultants in the country who are professionally qualified with the Ph.D. and advanced Vastu. Dr. Rashmi was awarded as the best Vastu expert of the year 2018-19 in India.

5. Anand Bhardwaj

Mr. Anand Bhardwaj is the topmost and senior most Vastu consultant and one of the highly qualified Vastu and Feng Shui experts with 42+ years of experience. He is recognized as the best Vastu consultant dealing in scientific Vastu Shastra Consultancy Services. He is an author who is such a logical thinker and practical Vastu Shastra, expert.

6. Kunal Kaushik

Kunal Kaushik internationally famous Vastu consultant known for his professionally qualified background large experience and humongous clientele not only in India but also in numerous countries worldwide has become the most prominent name during the last decade.

7. Puneet Chawla

Puneet Chawla is one of the eminent Vastu experts in the country today offering her services in Delhi and NCR area. He is known to differentiate himself from all other Vastu specialists by integrating the latest technological advancements with traditional wisdom while providing solutions to clients which helps his clients to understand him better.

8. Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji

Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji is another prominent Vastu consultant in Delhi is known to guide and provide solutions to clients in a scientific way. His specialty lies in harmony and chakra healing.

9. Khushdeep Bansal

Dr. Khushdeep is globally renowned for propagating the maha Vastu Hindu link philosophy based on his extensive research on Vastu Shastra and yoga. He is the author of the earth’s biggest book on Vastu Shastra.

10. Ritu Khurana

Ritu Khurana is a popular name when it comes to seeking master consultancy in the capital. Ritu opted for Vastu Shastra after years of research and came up with the theory that can easily be applied to a wide variety of settings of Vastu Shastra.

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                              Vastu Tips For Home

Ensure healthy, happy, and positive vibes for yourself and your family, and if you’re looking to buy an apartment, here are the following Vastu benefits directed by Best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR, India. 

  1. Make sure the doorway of the house must be located unearth either towards the north or the north-east as it is the faultless direction for sunlight coming into the house. The house should have an adequate aggregate of natural light.
  2. The house should have an excellent oxygenating system. Therefore, it is classic for it to have either north or an east-facing balcony.
  3. Bedchamber in Vastu-amenable accommodation should be located in the south, south-west. or the west. Any other direction can summon snags such as sleeplessness, anxiety, and short-temperateness.
  4. The scullery is said to be controlled by the ‘Aagneya’ or the fire constituent and as such, it must be located in the south-east corner of a house.
  5. The location of the bath chamber in a house should be either in the southern or the south-west corner of the house, to clinch proper purification and a sepsis-free atmosphere.
  6. A stairway in the middle of the house is not prudent as it would not only block the incoming sunlight but also make the house seem overcrowded.
  7. The living area should be ideally located in the center of the house to let the natural light come inside and ensure a positive environment.
  8. Growing thorny herbs are not preferable.
  9. The television and Computer should ideally be placed in the Southeast corner of the living room or study room. They should not be placed in the Northeast corner or Southwest corner.
  10. Keep the Gas in the southeast corner of the kitchen and a person should face the east while cooking. Drinking water should be in the northeast of the kitchen.
  11. The bed should not be put under a beam.
  12. Square and Rectangular plots are best and you should try to have a boundary on all sides of the plot. The main house should have an empty place all around it.
  13. keep the vacant place in the North and East corner of your dwelling.
  14. good health sleep with your pillow facing South or East. Avoid sleeping with your pillow facing North or West.
  15. It is good to have a courtyard (aangan) in the mid of your house.
  16. Do not keep broken mirrors and stopped watches in your house.
  17. Kids or Students should look at East or North while reading or studying.

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