what are the types and techniques of SEO

What are the Types and Techniques of SEO


What are the Types and Techniques of SEO

In this blog, you will get to know about various types and techniques of SEO. This blog is updated according to latest Google algorithm and new techniques and types have been included to get higher ranking in Google or another search engines.

There are three types of SEO

1. On Page SEO

On page SEO is also called (on site search engine optimization)  we can improve the ranking of our website or increase the visibility of that page in any search engine like Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Etc. we can also optimize and control our website In on page S.E.O.

Why we do on page S.E.O?

With the help of on page S.E.O we can increase higher search ranking and traffic in our website. and it is very important for your sales

2. Off page SEO

Off page S.E.O is also called (off site Search engine optimization) We can make our website more popular on the Internet so that it can be seen by more people on the Internet.

3. Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to website and server optimizations that help search engine spiders crawl and index your site more effectively (to help improve organic rankings.

There are Three Techniques of SEO

1. White Hat SEO

In white hat SEO, we get very good results in search engine, we get good ranking in the search engine for long term And the traffic we get from white hat S.E.O is organic which is under Google’s guide lines.

2. Black Hat SEO

In Black Hat SEO, people copy content from the website of others and upload it on their website, so that our website gets ranked quickly. But Google or any search engine can put its penalty or permanently suspended by google or other search engines. Black hat S.E.O goes against Google’s guide lines

3. Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat SEO falls somewhere between white and black hat. They are known as grey hat is that the techniques are somewhat ambiguous and do not abide by or go against the terms of services that search engines publish.

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