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What Are The On-Page Optimization Techniques ?

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On-Page Optimization

On-Page optimization is also known as on site optimization. Its a technique to optimize website using your own website means you can optimize your on website according to search engine quid line to improve its position in SERP. Doing On Page optimization is white hat SEO. In on page optimization we do SEO by download the plugging like YOAST SEO, all in one SEO and optimization help search engine crawlers understand the meaning and context of your pages. there are many on-page optimization techniques.

On-Page Optimization Techniques

Keywords Analysis :

keywords are what users mostly search on search engine. Keywords analysis is that which keywords we should implement in our website or what keywords are good for our website, how we can promote keywords and do SEO on that keywords which brings our website on top in SERP.

Competitor Website Analysis : 

Suppose i have target keyword (Digital Marketing in Delhi) and i want to top on SERP but this target keyword already on top and they are our competitor so we analyse there website to fine more keywords so we can implement those keywords if they are useful for us.

URL Structure:

URL is the address of our website. its the most direct way for someone to visit a page on your website.  Your URLs always start with the domain for your website example ( URL structure matters because the URL is one of the most important part of the page google looks at to determine what a page is about.  URL structure makes your site easier to navigate for users. If more than one keywords we use (-) and if don’t use then google automatically shows %20 in every space.

Page Loading Spead :

If website loading time is more then it should be so users will not stay on our website for long. This will cause the problem to users and crawler also that’s why we do we optimize web speed for fast loading. So we know for sure that website speed matter when it comes to SEO and raking. As a webmaster your job is to make sure that your website loads as fast as possible.

Internal Link : 

linking any page of your own website called internal linking, its like building your own web. first search engine spider comes in your website and follow the links they find on that page. when they arrive at your page, but if you don’t have any links in the text they will read the content of your page and go. Its a way to crawler know about your other pages and it is a way to tell search engine which your most important pages are. possibly add the links in the main body of your website, don’t use links in the footer and sidebar. Add internal links if they are related to your topic and useful for your reader.

External Link : 

By linking to the other high quality of DA PA related to your website, you increase the trustworthiness of your content and this is very good for your SEO. Google can use external links for understand more about the topic you are covering in your content.

Mobile Friendliness :

60% of the users in google are coming from mobile devices. It means if your mobile is not friendly then your already losing half of the traffic. Make sure that your website is mobile friendly. You can check that your website is mobile friendly or not by Google mobile friendly tool and fix the problems. after that test your website on mobile and make sure that everything is good on your website. These are on-page optimization techniques.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is about users, never forget that your first goal is to keep your users happy and get traffic. Off-Page SEO may bring traffic by there back links in high DA PA websites but if it not user friendly or if it is not set up correctly then the result will be disappointing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Many websites get it wrong, its amazing but majority of websites are not optimized for search engine. They use balk hat techniques to get rank.





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