Are There Any Complications With Hair Transplants?

Are There Any Complications With Hair Transplants?

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Are There Any Complications With Hair Transplants?

Hair transplant Surgery– accessible, affordable, advanced- yet some complications associated with it.

In older times, the best cosmetic surgeons in Delhi implementing the best hair transplant surgeries toa lack of good hair transplant surgeries people were suffering from male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. But with the gradual course of times, the best cosmetic surgeons in Delhi implementing the best hair transplant surgeries get rid of pattern baldness.

The Cost of a Hair Transplant Surgery Depends

  • Several sessions were taken.
  • The technique implemented for hair transplantation. The more advanced technique, the more will be the charges.
  • Charges of tools and technology used.
  • Fees of crew team accompanied by the surgeon.
  • Doctor’s charges.

The average cost for procedure FUT is 25 to 40 rupees per hair graft and FUE is 42 to 100 rupees per graft.

NOTE: No medical insurance covered is provided for this cosmetic surgery of hair transplant

  • FUE
  • FUT

Two best cosmetic surgeries in Delhi, there exists some temporary side effects and complications. The same applies to hair transplant surgery in Delhi. There could be

  1. General complications
  2. surgery-related complications

1.General Complications

Anaesthesia given could generate risk.

During hair transplant surgery in Delhi, anxiety appears which creates complications. Few allergic reactions also arise at the hair transplant surgery clinic. The best doctors always suggest the hypersensitivity test before the procedure. Some adverse effects also generate due to the toxins released by the alcoholic content of anaesthesia. To avoid the adverse effect of anaesthesia the sessions are divided into various sub-sessions.


It is a medical term used for fainting or passing out, which is caused by the temporary drop in the amount of blood, that flows into the brain. It could happen during hair transplant surgery in Delhi due to the long hours of surgery and sudden change in the posture of the patient. It can be caused due to pain dehydration and hypoglycemia that is why cosmetic surgeons focus on proper hydration and electricity supply during surgery.

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2.Surgery-Related Complications


The post-operative condition starts from the third week of the surgery and lasts up to 12 weeks. Very normal phenomena because normal hair growth resumes by the fourth month.


Chances of haemorrhage or bleeding are very rare because incisions made during the hair transplant surgery are very small. If bleeding occurs minute pressure is applied to the area for 10 to 15 minutes to reduce the bleeding or even can stop it.

Visible scars

Patience suffers from the biggest fright of visible scars. FUT and FUE both techniques leave scars behind. Either in the form of tiny, circular dot like scars or the form of a linear scar on the scalp because of the extraction of the strip. Cosmetic surgeons in Delhi prefer to go for trichophytic closure to make minimal visibility of scars.

Risk of infection

Selection of the best hair transplant surgery and best cosmetic surgeon in Delhi reduces the risk of infection. Because improper conditions of hygiene and sterilization cause infection during hair transplant surgery in Delhi. Mild hair wash is prescribed after the hair transplant surgery with medicated shampoo.

Scanty swelling

Not exactly a complication but a sequel of the hair transplant surgery which is seen around the forehead and eyes after the hair transplant surgery. Swelling occurs due to the use of tumescent solution during the hair transplant surgery in Delhi.


Inflammation occurs in the skin because of fungal and bacterial infection during hair transplant surgery. This complication arises when hair follicles are blocked and rubbed.


If a small graft, slips into the recipient area or any graft is inserted on top of the other. Precautions are taken care of while removing all graphs so that no graft is left buried.


Very common risk arises after hair transplant surgery which occurs in both the region’s donor as well as recipient region. it arises due to the formation of scabs or crusting off the scalp.

A form of discomfort which persists for 8 to 10 days of the hair transplant surgery. The best cosmetic surgeons in Delhi advise pain killers and anti-inflammatory medicines for post-recovery.


A very rare complication which lasts for 2 three days. Not necessary that every patient suffers from the hiccups problem.

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