Benefits of Surya Namaskar


What is Surya Namaskar?

Surya Namaskar is a asana which e do in the early morning  when sunrise. It is good for health and for your entire day will go fresh and active. Asana gives us relief of everything because when we do yoga it circulates our blood and make us active. We don’t feel any laziness. There are many benefits of surya namaskar.


Surya Namaskar makes your skin glow by boost blood circulation,
giving your skin and your face a age less soft face and glow back.
It also help in preventing wrinkles and early ageing. Do this asana everyday to get better results.



People think loosing weight is very difficult because they can’t eat proper diet for there body. Sometimes its there fault or sometimes situation like lack of time they cant eat proper diet but surya namaskar is the yoga which we can do for our health and lose weight for sure if we do this yoga proper and on time we can lose the extra fat in our body and its boost our blood circulation and make us glowing.


After doing this asana we should relax for a while and it gives us relaxation for an entire day. So we can do our work with our full focus and activeness. When we relax our body we get power to think properly and make anything worth.


Surya namaskar helps in the smooth running of your digestive system.
It increase you blood flow to your digestive system. It helps decrease gas from your system.

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