Can port Wine Stain Birthmarks be Removed by Surgery?

Can Port Wine Stain Birthmarks be Removed by Surgery?

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Can Birthmarks be Removed by Surgery?


Are you bothered About The Port-wine stain Birthmark?

So, get rid of your botheration, now the solutions are there to make your port-wine stain birthmarks disappear. Few port-wine stains birthmarks can be overshadowed with the help of makeup or clothing but if not then, only be considered for surgical treatment done by the best cosmetic surgeons in South Delhi. But this is for sure they do not get disappeared by themselves or reduces as time passes.

What is a Port-wine stain Birthmark?

It is a vascular birthmark caused by abnormal development of blood vessels in the skin. It is also referred to as a capillary malformation. The change in the blood vessels is caused by a mutation that occurred during the early stage of pregnancy.

How do Port wine stains look?

It looks like a flat, red, or purple mark on the skin present in a baby by birth. With the period it becomes thicker, darkens, and develops a cobblestone appearance with raised bumps and ridges. It can appear on any part of the body.

Any complications can occur Due to Port stain Birthmark?

These are harmless stains but sometimes could lead to the development of the following.

  1. Glaucoma

Glaucoma creates high pressure in the eye which leads to vision loss.

Symptoms of glaucoma

  • One eye possesses a larger pupil than the other.
  • Eye containing port wine stain appears more prominent.
  • Eyelid of an eye which has port-wine stain opens wider than others.
  1. Sturge Weber syndrome

Sometimes the port-wine stain appears on the forehead or a scalp it can cause seizures or fits. This situation is called Sturge Weber syndrome and a neurologist can diagnose the syndrome and provides effective treatment.

  1. Klippel Trenaunay Syndrome

When a port-wine stain birthmark appears on an arm or leg it might be associated with extra growth of that limb, which is referred to as Klippel Trenaunay syndrome.

Treatments to prevent the port-wine stain.

The best cosmetic surgeons in Delhi provide comprehensive laser treatments that are very effective and safe, to remove port-wine stains birthmarks. The laser treatments in Delhi possess a series of treatment sessions to remove the birthmarks. The laser sessions are carried out only when the port wine stains get darkened and thicken. The laser beams are attracted by the redness in the blood vessels and the energy contained in the laser causes them to collapse. Consequently, effective treatment is seen. Sometimes multiple sessions are required to treat stubborn port-wine stains.

Types of laser treatments to fade away the port-wine stain.

Selective photo Thermolysis

It is one of the traditional laser treatments, used to remove the port wine stain birthmark which implements a wavelength of 595 nanometers that gets attracted to the haemoglobin. The range of wavelength is selectively absorbed by the stain.

Gemini laser

This technique of laser implements 532 nanometer and 1064 nanometer wavelengths. But this technique is frequently used because it has a cooling effect which reduces the damage to the skin caused.

The above-given laser treatments are always given under the effect of general anaesthesia to avoid pain.

Recovery period

The skin looks a bit bruised and sore after the treatment. Few instructions are given to be followed the session. Since the body is under the effect of anaesthesia the patient is prescribed to take a rest for a few hours to get relieved of anaesthesia.

An outlook For The Treatment

A patient expects to see significant improvement in his appearance, although it will not disappear completely. Port Wine stain gets disappeared or faded away to a great extent but not completely. In kids, a significant improvement can be seen because the birthmarks contain light colour and after the treatment, they get more faded.

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