top 10 dietitians in delhi

Top 10 Best Dietitians in Delhi


Are you looking for Best Dietitians in Delhi?

You are on the right website where you can find a list of the top 10 best dietitians in Delhi. Dietitian is a person who helps us in becoming a healthy person with healthy diet plans. Nowadays it’s of utmost importance to seek a dietitian to have a healthy body. Today everyone is in the race to earn more money and leisure for themselves and their families. And most often tend to forget about their health and ignore the maintenance for their body and which tends to results in unhealthy and unstructured bodies. This can also cause many health-related issues also. Hence, in order to prevent this follow a dietitian’s plans.

In today’s modern era when every vegetable, fruits, and grain are grown artificially this impacts your body badly. Today because of our busy schedule most of us even didn’t get enough time to have proper food and end up eating fast which is the culprit of obesity and other diseases. In order to manage your body demand, it is quite necessary to eat proper healthy food and a balanced diet. Moreover, most of people even are not aware of a balanced diet. So, the diet plan by a dietitian works like magic for these people. Here we have curated a list of top 10 dietitians in Delhi.


1. Dr. Sonia Goel (Health First Wellness Centre)

health first top 10 dietitian in delhi

Dr. Sonia Goel is one of the best dietitians in Delhi. She is a very famous name in the health, yoga, nutrition and counseling sector. In today’s era when we are so busy with our schedule that we even didn’t get enough time to have our food properly. This kind of schedule leads to many health as well as mental issues. Leading a healthy lifestyle is of utmost importance but how you can lead a healthy lifestyle for that you need to consult a dietitian. If you wish to consult a dietitian in Delhi then the only trusted name is Dr. Sonia Goel yet she is the best nutritionist in Delhi also. She makes you learn how to make an equilibrium between your professional life and health life. It is a very well known saying that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Dr. Sonia Goel is an expert and possesses years of experience in the field to give you best consultation and guidance to put all maladies in the real view mirror. Eating healthy is of utmost importance. It should be the way of everyone’s lifestyle. Dr. Sonia Goel is an expert and possesses years of experience she will you in developing healthy eating habits. One must try to eat healthily and intelligently. But before that one must understand their body and it’s a reaction towards different food items. For that, you must trust the best nutritionist as she is the only one who can help you in making the right food choice. By taking the right nutrition diet you can awaken the healthy you Dr. Sonia Goel Nutrition Diet You can awaken the healthy you. Dr. Sonia Goel.

Dr. Sonia Goel empowers her clients by breaking their diet mindset and lead them to the path to discovering a revolutionary new approach to a healthy lifestyle and diets. Her diet plans help you to get your body in good shape and your mind will become sharper. Her weight loss programs have won a lot of awards. Dr. Sonia Goel is an internationally famous personality and highly renowned as the best nutritionist. She helps people in developing a strong immune system, fights allergies, gains height, and weight, as well as fights with overweight and obesity also with her effective and efficient diet plan. That too very easy and convenient to follow.

Dr. Sonia Goel is an Expert Nutritionist in Delhi

She is one of the leading and high ranking weight loss dietitian and an expert nutritionist. If you consult Dr. Sonia Goel at her clinic that is Health First Wellness Centre. First, she will do a thorough assessment of your overall health, medical history, weight history, lifestyle, schedule, allergies, nutrition requirement, and current intake of food. Then, she will start her work according to your identified needs and requirements. She will also work on your diet mindset that might be hindering your ability to foster a healthy relationship with food. On the other side, she will make you learn a behavioral approach towards food besides just tell you what you should eat or what you shouldn’t eat. With her online diet plan, she has transformed thousands of lives.

Address: 13 B, R Block, Near gate no-2, Saket, New Delhi 110011

Contact No: 966751762



2. Dr. Shikha Mahajan

Shikha Mahajan is a certified nutritionist metabolism specialist and health coach. She uses her skills in holistic therapies and nutrition to run her practice at her clinic in Rajouri garden Delhi. She helps people to improve their relationship with food. So that they can learn how to eat intuitively and focus on a proper diet. Her diet plans are great which helps people to reduce weight.

Address: F 137, Main Market, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

Contact No: 9810425765


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3. Raminder Kaur Deshmukh

Raminder Kaur Deshmukh is a winner of the best nutritionist award at various forums and he has worked with major hospitals in Delhi and NCR. Raminder Kaur is very experienced and has a vast knowledge in many clinical areas like- diabetes, high

cholesterol, post-pregnancy, weight loss, diet for over and underweight kids.

Address: 11/65 ground floor behind  Tower, Rajouri Garden, Subhash Nagar New Delhi


4. Tapasya Mundhra

Tapasya Mundhra is recognized amongst the best dietitian and nutritionists in Delhi. Har healthcare sector achievement has made her the face of prestigious magazines and media houses like India today, NDTV, Hindustan Times, etc. She is an expert on cholesterol control, weight loss, joint pain relief, detoxification and many more. Tapasya Mundhra is the top nutritionist in Delhi to provide befitting solutions for the people of all sectors.

Address: A-10, 3rd floor, Nizamuddin East, Delhi-110012

Contact No: 9818027208



5. Shivani Sikri

Shivani Sikri is is a well known dietician in Delhi who has made a ton of people lose their weight and be back in their shape again. She knows the best diet plans to reduce weight through lifestyle management. Her’s objective is to help people by educating them on the importance of healthy food and they can easily gain a perfect body shape after following some diet plans.

Address: Nutri4verve, B-1/22, Safdarjung Enclave New Delhi.

Contact No: 8800339577



6. Nisha Malhotra

Nisha Malhotra is practicing as a dietitian and nutritionist with over 31 years of experience. She is best known for giving fast and simple weight loss tips without any change in the meal, exercise and guaranteed inch loss in just 3 weeks. She is running her clinic in West Delhi.

Address: A-30, ground floor, near Radisson Outer ring road, there enclave, Paschim Vihar New Delhi

Contact No: 011-42451121


7. Loveneet Batra

Loveneet Batra is also one of the most renowned nutritionists in Delhi. She has more than 7 years of experience in the field of food and nutrition. She is an expert in weight loss, weight loss, planning and personalized diet plan, diet control, meal chart for weight loss, management of thyroid, diabetics and more. she also provides her services online for those who won’t be able to come to meet her personally.

Address: S-549, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, 110048

Contact No: 011-33104998


8. Dr. Ankita Gupta Sehgal

Ankita Gupta Sehgal is a renowned technician who has more than 10 years of experience. She has helped thousands of people to lose weight and magically improves their lives through her various programs. Dr. Ankita Gupta believes to provide an easy and simple diet for her clients. She is a great person and a great motivator too. She is an expert in thyroid diet, diabetes, management, and PCOD correction. People can get their beautiful body shape back again by just following her easy diet plans.

9. Ishi Khosla

Ishi Khosla is a nutritionist, dietitian author, and researcher. She is a member at the center for dietary counseling in Delhi where she deals with various kinds of nutrition-related problems such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, digestive immune system, allergies and endocrine disorders in children and adults. She has been awarded many times with many titles in the field of nutrition by the imperial and cancer patient aids association. She is so humble and very soft-spoken and can transform anyone’s life dramatically.

Address- M/S  IDK Healthcare PVT Ltd.

S-35, Panchsheel Park, 3rd floor, Outer ring road, New -Delhi 11007

Contact No: 99102233614

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10. Dietitian Shreya

Shreya is also one of the best and renowned dietitian in Delhi and NCR who encourages wellness through dietician and nutrition consultation.  She councils by integrating scientifically proven foods. Dietician Shreya is specialized in weight management, adolescent obesity, and specific medical condition diets. She is very dedicated to her profession and helping people for more than 18 years. Her diet plans are easy to follow and she provides the best food solution for people staying away from home.

Address-  38, Club Road (opposite hair master)

Near Bikaner sweets, Punjabi Bagh Delhi.

Phone No. 7307303835

Eating healthy food is fine for health but what to eat for your current health can be decided by best dietitians only. So check the rating reviews of the above listed top 10 dietitians in Delhi and book appointment with any best dietitians in Delhi. Thank You.

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