Digital marketing vs traditional marketing

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

The reason for writing this blog is to help marketers who want to choose the best marketing channels to reach their ultimate customer. Hi, I’m Nikhil Gupta, I have 5 years of experience in offline marketing activities. I want to share my learnings which I got from the various role I played under the Brand & Marketing team. I execute many offline marketing campaigns and activities for the company named Shuttl. I’m part of Shuttl for the last 5 years I joined Shuttl when it was a startup. I did many offline marketing activities for Shuttl like transit media branding, Atl campaigns & low-cost dealer boards branding Etc. and we got a very good response but if anyone asked me in numbers what exactly ROI we are getting from this much of amount I can’t answer. basically, In traditional marketing, you never get an exact number of the ROI There are many algorithms that can help you find ROI but if you compare with digital marketing you will get details of the demography of the users which I don’t think you will get with traditional marketing. Here, let me tell you more about Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing.

  • ROI – As I mentioned above, the first and the major one is the clarity of the ROI. You can also check the 5 best highest ROI channels of digital marketing. 
  • Hard to Execute – If you are targeting users with traditional marketing and it will not be an easy task, it will take a lot of extra time as compared to digital marketing.
  • Targeting – Comparatively less good targeting with digital marketing.

Now let me tell you some advantages of Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing.

  • Clarity On ROI – If you spend a single penny on any channel of digital marketing you can get the exact detail of ROI.
  • Better Targeting – Even you will get the demographics of the users which is impossible with the traditional way by which you can plan further campaigns better.
  • Better ROI – You can get better ROI with digital marketing by better targeting of demographics & geographically with a digital marketing channel you can create the segments of demographics before investing money.
  • Easy to Execute – In digital marketing, you can reach millions of users (Globally) with just a click.
  • Social media presence – In digital marketing, it helps you to grow your business with social media channels that are free cost mediums and it will help you to build your brand.

I hope it will help you to understand.

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