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A big question – who does the better job SEO freelancer or SEO agency?

Freelance SEO or SEO agency?

Having a, developed website is an absolute necessity for the current business scenario. Keeping online marketing in mind, an estimated 1.5 billion websites currently running online, and an entrepreneur wanted to have undoubtedly existence there. To have long-lasting existence among top rankers, every business believes to hire an effectively executed SEO strategy. SEO freelancer vs SEO agency

SEO freelancer is an individual performing SMM, E-mail marketing, PPC ad campaigning, etc. of its own or in combination with few other freelancers only, whereas an agency is a dedicated team working together to generate results. Undoubtedly both can provide excellent services but the client has to decide which option he has to opt for.

Let us concentrate on a few of the key points which can be considered regarding the better service provider:

Budget committed

The maximum amount which a business can spend to generate lead. Huge, reputed agencies tend to be very expensive in the case of catering SEO strategies whereas freelancers are a bit cheaper because freelancers have very fewer overheads. The huge cost offered by the reputed SEO agency is just to cover their office rent, staff payroll, accounts, and marketing team.

Expertise level

The SEO agency by default completes a project under the guidance of a company director who might be a true expert SEO specialist. In contrast, freelancers who have experience of working with agencies are very much passionate and constant learning-driven, they are in a process of continuous study of the latest trends and best practices used in SEO, hence converting good results.

Presenting reputation and loyalty

Big expert SEO agencies can be immensely trusted because they exhibit professional and corporate image. Their profile is only capable of gathering new opportunities. In the case of freelancer SEO, one must work hard extensively, because their reputation lasts with their recent project done.


Flexible working hours are very favorable in the case of SEO freelancers because they are bearing the capacity to work around the schedule. The flexible working routine of SEO freelancers helps them to make last-minute alterations and in the case of SEO agencies traditional 9 to 5 office hours are till now followed which is not acceptable by the digital ecosystem.

Dedicated Contract

Large digital marketing companies currently working on a contractual basis either a six month or a year contract, Since this huge SEO agency charging a smart amount, so they are available for a year or even longer to work with you but in the case of SEO freelancer, they might not be able to commit themselves for a long period. SEO freelancers do not believe to lock their clients into a certain contract but deliver unique results.

Let us drive towards the right choice for your SEOFreelancers SEO found to be very determined, skilled, and dedicated to their efforts. Dive deep to analyze and research regarding the right person who can implement a strategy for your unique requirements.


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