how to create YouTube Ads

How to Create YouTube Advertisement?

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What is YouTube Advertisement?

YouTube advertising are created by Google ads, it is the way of advertising your video content on YouTube so you can increase your reach. Your video advertisement shows in another’s video and shows up in YouTube search result. You create YouTube Advertisement for getting leads and reach. In King of Digital you can learn to create YouTube Video Ads.

Create YouTube Ads and The Types of YouTube Ads

1. Open google ads and sign up with your email and get code from google ads.

2. Create new campaign and select from goals.

3. Select campaign types there is many types like display, search, shopping, video, app. You are creating YouTube advertisement so click on video ads then press continue. In King of Digital Marketing you can learn to create YouTube Video Ads.

Types of YouTube Ads

Non-skippable in-stream : You cannot skip video ad until its over. Its called Non-Skippable in-Stream. These ads on youtube can be up to 15-20 seconds and it depends on viewer or there requirements and queries.

Outstream :  Outstream Ads build brand awareness. it helps to increase your reach by sharing your ads to audience of mobile and tablet device users. Its based on viewable CPM  so you will charged only when someone see your video two or more than to seconds.

Drive conversions : In Drive conversions you can get drive more conversions and leads with your video ad. you add headline text, using this type of ad can boost customer to search your service and product.

Ad sequence : You can add Ad sequence to get more attentions from people by showing people a series of you brand or product video.

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