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How to start SEO project from scratch?

Digital Marketing

SEO Strategy to Start SEO Project from Scratch

1. Understand your Target Audience

You must understand your target audience to start SEO project from Scratch and also how they use search engines. This is because search engines work to bring the most relevant results to the users. So your website must meet the exact requirements of the users to get listed when they search for have to research on users age,income, location, gender and also their personalities and lifestyles.

2. Do Keyword Research

You have to research on most using keywords on search engine if you are to start SEO project from Scratch. This will show you which words or phrases people generally use to search for websites like yours.

There are two types of keywords

Short tail keywords 

These keywords are more specific than long tail keywords like Digital Marketing.

Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are very descriptive and long like a phrase. Like What are the Benefits of Surya Namaskar.

3. Use Keywords Optimally

After getting the most using keywords, you can must them in appropriate places where search engines can find them. you must add keywords to your page, title,headers,meta discriptions, URL’S  and content. If the keyword density is too high , you may get penalised by the search engines. Use your keywords throughout your blog posts and titles to improve your Rankings.

4. Build Links

Search engines use links between pages to determine how they are connected to each other. Based on the number of links that are redirecting to your page from other websites. These links are called backlinks.

You can also try reaching out to other webmasters and ask them to include your links in their content. Backlinks not only help you with SEO strategy but also increase your traffic and brand awareness.

5. Importance of Social Media

A good way to leverage your social media is to keep posting quality content regularly.This can increase your engagement and get you a good fan following which can result in more website hits. You can also link your website to your social media accounts to gain more visibility. Engaging with your followers is important too as they are the very people who might share your content.



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