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Importance of Backlinks in SEO

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Before we get started with the Importance of Backlinks in SEO, let’s have a look at what are actually Backlinks.

Overview of Backlinks

Backlinks are also known as incoming or inbound links which are established by linking one
a website with another.

Necessity of Backlinks

Backlinks are important in SEO as it informs Google. that other resources find your content relevant enough to link it with their own content. The more backlinks a website earns the more it makes Google think the website is precise and has valuable content. which ultimately raises your website rank on the SERPs.

Importance of Backlinks in SEO

Popular search engines like Google use search spiders to navigate quality backlinks-based websites. It is important to construct backlinks of good quality so that search engines make your content easily discoverable which will generate more traffic and your website gets more visibility in search queries.

Backlinks are “vote of confidence” by other websites to yours which suggests to the search engine that the website deserves a promotion in the ranking system. While the volume matters, nothing beats the quality hence it’s recommended not to spam different websites with your link.

There are multiple ways to acquire backlinks

  • They can be created naturally, for example, someone read your travel blog post for starters and copied the same on different websites for reference.
  • One can also approach different websites to add their link to the website. Adding backlinks in guest posts is one of the most effective ways to create good quality backlinks.

Backlinks from high authority, reliable websites are rare and valuable and they create the best chance to really enhance the SEO game, on the other hand, backlinks from potentially spammy websites can demote the ranking even further. Hence, it’s important to understand the difference between good and bad backlinks and ways to acquire the former.

  • Good backlinks are usually obtained from high-traffic websites– more readers more opportunities.
  • The location really matters, a link finding itself in between a paragraph of the blog post has more value than the same lying somewhere in the footnotes.
  • Relevant anchor texts matter too, links defining themselves with some action hold more weight than the ones looking obscure.

Creating a backlink is definitely one of the most important if not the most important ways to optimize SEO, it’s imperative to understand that backlinks can act as a double-edged sword. hence it’s important to determine the difference between good and not so good backlinks.

Targeting high authority, reliable sites for your backlinks will take you a long way in this SEO game, just make sure the links are present in the thick of things with the right anchor text and when it comes to backlinks, the quality most often than not trumps quantity so make sure you’re treating them like the same not some Whatsapp forward.


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