Top 10 parental control apps

Top 10 Parental Control Apps


1. Mysitter – Parental Monitoring

Mysitter-Parental Monitoring , one of the best parental control app to monitor your kid’s online activities. Mysitter provides a content-control Feature that allows parents to monitor and control their kid’s device usage. Mysitter is application designed to protect kids from inappropriate content, social media dangers, online predators, and malicious apps. Once you install the Mysitter app, it will go a long way towards giving you peace of mind about your kid’s digital life.

2. Google Family Link

Googles Family Link app is for parental restrictions.
The Family Link app enables you to remotely establish digital ground rules from your own device to help guide your children while they study, play, and explore online, whether they are young or in their teens.
Family Link also enables you to set up a Google Account for your child that is similar to yours and has access to the majority of Google services if they are less than 13 (or the legal age of consent in your nation).

3. Parental Control App SecurTeen





Concerned about your child’s online safety as they may have access to mature content? We have the ideal solution for you, so don’t worry. You can get a powerful parental control app for smartphones and tablets from SecureTeen. It helps ease your worries by keeping an eye on and censoring your children’s online activity, keeping track of the apps they download, and keeping you updated on their whereabouts, texts, calls, and much more.

4. FamiSafe-Parental Control App

FamiSafe is the most dependable screen time and location tracker parental control app, with features like monitoring children’s screen time and location, checking Tik Tok history, activity reports, website filtering, blocking games and porn, and spotting suspicious texts and photos on social media sites like WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. With the most recent FamiSafe 6.0 Version, family fun and online safety are guaranteed!

5. Control Screen Time – Kidslox

The Kidslox parental control app makes it easy to regulate kids’ screen usage and promotes a healthy attitude toward technology. It provides you with tools to filter web material, block internet access, and block apps in order to set clear boundaries for how you use technology. You may set limitations to both Android devices and Ios devices . Put your family time first by limiting your child’s screen time each day. Kidslox offers simple, effective parental controls.

6. Parental Control Kroha

The purpose of this parental control Kroha app for Android is to safeguard children by offering supervision and ensuring their safety online. The app is a strong kid-control tool for setting screen time limits, monitoring YouTube, tracking location, tracking app usage time, and limiting phone and app usage. You may control screen usage, set daily app time limits, ban undesirable content, and disable apps.The app has distinctive features including eye protection and social media chat monitoring. For your children’s eyes, use night mode and features that protect them from the sun.

7. Find My Kids: Parental control

A family GPS tracker app called Find My Kids is used for kid protection and parental management.It Monitor the apps your child has been using at school,it Receive notification when the child arrives at school, leaves for home, or arrives at a different location for security purposes. The app will notify you when to charge their phone when the battery is getting low. It is a tracking app for parents who worry when their children are out or if they do not hear their phone ring.

8. AirDroid Parental Control

 AirDroid Parental Control App, let’s you keep your children secure both offline and online while also promoting good online behavior. It boasts amazing features including the ability to remotely watch the surroundings of your child’s device, screencasting, screen time control, blocking of games and apps, co – ordination of notifications and SMS, location tracking, immediate alerts, and many more.

9. Parental Control – Kids Place

A screen time limit and parental controls app called Kids Place Parental Controls was made for parents who want to monitor their kids’ online activities and screen time on smartphones and tablets.Parental control app features like Kids Mode, Screen Time Limit, and Child Lock allow parents a lot of choice in how to set up their phone or tablet to restrict screen time, prevent adverts, and filter out undesirable content.You can set digital ground rules for your kids while guiding them while they learn, play, and explore online with the help of the Parental Controls App and Screen Time Limit.

10. Norton Family Parental Control

Norton Family Parental Control app provide tools that are available to promote wise, healthy, and safe online behavior.
It also offers information that enables you to promote a balanced online/offline lifestyle for your kids and their gadgets.
Norton Family assists in keeping kids’ attention on what matters most whether they are at home, at school, or on the go.It monitor the sites and content your child views,set limits on your child’s internet access and keeps you stay informed about your child’s physical location.

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