Hair Transplant in Raipur

What is the cost of Hair Transplant in Raipur?


What is the cost of Hair Transplant in Raipur?

Hair transplant cost in Raipur depends of the various aspects like technology, area, grafts etc. Frequent hair loss that eventually leads to balding is one of most distressing conditions that today’s generation is suffering from. Hair transplant and PRP treatment however saves one from the embarrassing situation of losing one’s identity without hair. Some idea about the cost of hair transplant in Raipur is discussed below along with the PRP treatment. Have a look at these hair transplant cost in Raipur Chhatisgarh.

Affordable Hair Transplant Cost in Raipur At Auqual Hair Services

The cost of a hair transplant may vary from state to state, city to city, clinic to clinic, technology used for treatment to treatment. Though cost is an important factor. It lets you know whether you can afford hair transplant or not. Many hair clinics aim to provide the lowest hair transplant cost in Raipur. Try to make sure that everyone can take advantage of our hair transplant. Always choose  the latest technology that helps to serve patients with the best treatment and result-oriented. There are plenty of factors which decide the cost of hair transplant. While cost varies depending on various factors. It may vary from clinic to clinic, city to city, country to country. And it also largely depends on the technique and technology that will be used for treatment. Although the area that has to be treated also plays an important role in deciding the cost. Various hair Transplant Clinic provides best hair transplant cost in Raipur, try best to provide treatment at the lowest possible prices. So that everyone can take advantage of it.

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves removal of the hair follicles from a particular part of the body which is called the “donor site” and transplanting them to the bald portion which is known as the “recipient site”. The hair grafts that are genetically balding resistant are transplanted on the bald portion of the scalp and the hair transplant cost in Raipur depends on the number of the graft that are required to be implanted. Cost of per graft of hair may cost around Rs 25 to Rs 30 amounting to a total amount of Rs 25000 to Rs 80,000 for full hair transplant in Raipur. While PRP Starts from 5000 also.

Hair Transplant in Raipur

Hair transplant is a surgery which is done to bid goodbye to baldness and excessive hair fall. In today’s time each and every individual desire to look perfect and wants to have a pleasing personality. Our hairs play a crucial role in our overall personality. Most of the individual suffering from baldness and excessive hair fall tends to lose self-confidence and hopes in life. And tends to develop a negative approach towards life. Hair restoration helps in bringing back the self confidence of these individuals. In Hair transplant technique the surgeon uses your own hairs to fulfill the bald area. Hence, it’s a safe way hair restoration. Even if your natural hairs stops growing but then also these hairs will grow naturally. This Clinic is known for best hair transplant in Raipur. We use the FUE technique for treatment. For hair transplant in Raipur visit our clinic.

Auqual hair services is known for best hair transplant in Raipur, and its done by expert hair surgeons. The transplantation results that you gain will be surprising and with bearing almost no pain. This is possible at this clinic only because they use advanced techniques.  Treatments are 100% safe and result-oriented. If you are thinking about hair transplant cost at Raipur, you will get very reasonable costing at Auqual hair services. Auqual is aware of the fact, that cost plays an important role, it is a deciding factor when it comes for hair restoration. They offer international level hair transplantation facilities, which gives world-class results at the lowest possible cost. The surgeons are qualified from India’s top institutes and have years of experience in hair transplantation. FUE technique of hair transplant is used, which is much safer and effective than other methods of hair transplant. Cost of hair transplant which will be cheapest and will prove to be an effective treatment for your baldness and excessive hair fall.

People who can benefit from hair Restoration baldness or excessive hair fall can make you look older than your actual age. In such a situation people suffering from these problems tend to lose their confidence and hopes in life. Hair transplant will be the only solution in such a case.  Anyone who is experiencing permanent hair loss can go for hair transplant surgery. Men or women who want to change or restore the shape of the hairline or scarring areas from injuries, “scarring” skin diseases or some hair loss after surgery like face lift procedures people suffering from all these can also go for hair transplant.

PRP Treatment in Raipur

Platelet-Rich-plasma treatment is a hair gain treatment that uses growth platelets that stimulates the stem cells and thus enriches the hair shafts. The cost of PRP treatment in Raipur is around Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000 with each session costing around Rs 8000 to Rs 9000.

The fast lifestyle and food habits along with the unstoppable pollution are to be blamed for all this hair fall problems. There are several procedures of hair transplantation and the cost varies according to the procedures and the nature of baldness.

Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplant procedure is a minor surgery. The whole procedure hardly takes only 4 – 8 hours but the time may vary depending upon the area of the scalp to be treated. The surgery is done under local anesthesia.  It only requires one session for a complete restoration. It’s a pain-free procedure and though a permanent one. Which suits everyone. Hair restoration is becoming very popular nowadays. As people are becoming more conscious about their looks. This procedure even doesn’t have any kind of side effect also nor the procedure puts any dietary restrictions on the patient.


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