Occupational Therapy in Noida For Kids

Occupational Therapy

Know About Occupational Therapy in Noida For Kids

Occupational Therapy is an art as it includes various therapies and science as it includes various medical practices of enabling and incorporating skills in a child to help them participate in everyday living through occupation. “Occupation” here means and includes things that children need to, want to and are expected to do. An Occupational Therapist (OT) will help children in the following manner is here are examples of the tasks and skills OTs might focus on:

  • Self-care routines activities like getting dressed
  • Writing and copying notes i.e. hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills.
  • Holding and controlling a pencil, using scissors (motor planning, fine motor skills)
  • Throwing and catching (gross motor skills coordination and balancing)
  • Organizing a backpack (motor planning, organization skills)
  • Reacting to sensory input (self-regulation skills)

Best OT Therapy in Noida consists of building specific skills through a series of exercises and activities. For example, a child with very messy handwriting, requiring therapy that involves multisensory techniques to help such a child with handwriting. If a child found it difficult to focus, then that therapist might require such a child to do full-body exercise and Yoga before sitting down to do homework. The earlier a child commences OT, the more effective the result could be. When being able to do basic tasks also fosters self-esteem and confidence in the kid which one earlier drops when they are struggling, especially in front of their peers.

How OT in Noida can help with specific challenges

Kids with certain challenges often need OT. There are a number of activities therapists that might apply OT to help such kids improve skills. One condition that impacts motor skills is developmental coordination disorder (sometimes called dyspraxia.). For kids to pick up items with tweezers might be one exercise for fine motor skills. kids may practice cutting out things with scissors to help with hand-dominance exercise. Gross motor skills allow kids may do jumping jacks, catch balls of different sizes, or running obstacle courses. How OTs could work further with kids who need help with motor skills.

OT can also prove to be a big help for kids who have suffered from sensory processing. kids may overreact or underreact to things they hear, see, taste, touch, or smell. In this case, therapists might design a sensory diet/ plan. This plan is a series of physical activities and accommodations planned to give kids the necessary sensory input they need. OTs may have the option to load heavy work to help kids who seek or avoid certain kinds of sensory input. Occupational therapy further may aid kids with other challenges like dyslexia, visual processing issues, executive functioning issues, and dysgraphia.

How to find a Perfect Occupational Therapist in Noida for Your Child

At school, some kids may qualify for free OT service through an IEP while others do not. You can request an evaluation at any time to know whether your child qualifies or not. Some kids may get OT in a small group or individually depending on IEP. This is known as direct services. Other times, the role of OTs is to give suggestions to the teacher, but don’t work directly with kids. These are known as consultation-only services. The IEP team decides which setting is needed.

If your child doesn’t get a place or qualify for OT at school, you can talk with your child’s doctor about a referral to a private OT. You’ll have to pay for those services, however. Some insurance plans cover OT. If you have insurance, you can refer to the company to find out about coverage, and to ask for a list of providers they offer.


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