salary of fresher digital marketer in india

Salary of Fresher Digital Marketer in India

Digital Marketing

What is the salary of digital marketer being fresher

The Salary of Digital Marketer fresher varies from company to company, agency to agency, although it depends upon various factors but it largely depends on from which Institute you have done your digital marketing course. The average pay for fresher digital marketer ranges between 15k to 25k. The fact to be kept in mind is that digital marketing is a booming career these days and it  will get higher in demand in the near future. It is one of the highest paying jobs in the market. As we all know in today’s digital Era every brand is fighting for Digital Supremacy. Likewise Digital marketing agencies have a lot to offer to these companies. So, the young generation have a great option to start their career. There is a lot of change in consumer behavior over the past few years.  So, as our marketing techniques have also changed. Now we use digital techniques of marketing to reach our targeted audience. Digital Marketing Services has helped many start-ups to reach great heights in their career. There are various roles that digital marketer can play.  It’s not just limited to only one single job role. One also has a work from home option so you can work from the comfort of your own house.

Carrier options in digital marketing

SEO manager:

SEO managers’ main goal is to improve the company’s ranking in search engines by using different strategies. If you want to make your carrier as an SEO manager then first of all you need to be productive. Deep understanding of online trend will make you able to drive traffic on the website.

PPC manager:

PPC manager is responsible for making campaigns on Google and on social media. PPC is all about analysing data and use the information for the business growth.


Blogger write edit and publish the content to a website. The main goal of a blogger is to increase traffic to the website.


It is the best way to promote brand and earn name fame and money.

Social media manager:

Social media manager takes care of the companies social media strategies like creating content, advertising, promoting brand, gaining followers etc.

Start your own agency:

After completing the digital marketing course you can also start your own digital marketing agency.

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