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Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Consultants in India

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Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Consultants in India

Defining – Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing consultant is an independent highly skilled, strategic thinker. Possessing years of experience, in delivering acquisition campaigns. Providing best digital initiatives, at an accelerated pace and very affordable cost. Recently the freelance force of the digital ecosystem has immensely aligned the wide spectrum of digital media.

To attain rapid and constant growth every business now requires, Digital marketing consultant in India because an online presence is a must to sell your product. Therefore, every digital company is advancing its strategies and regularly updating with new tools to catch up with the ever-changing trend.

A big applause

Thanks to all technological developers, who are spending their maximum time developing the best online marketing strategies to generate leads. Digital marketing consultants targeting their customers through various influential strategies, since the shopping habits of the population are taking a rapid shift. Online shopping is gaining publicity whereas offline marketing isn’t very effective nowadays.

Importance of the digital marketer

To sell the products online the digital marketing consultants are building a strong bridge between the businesses and the online world. They are very well educated and provide the best advice to their clients to reach their customers effectively.

Well, you may be thinking what’s the secret recipe to success of all the eminent business persons? Like How They Grow Business?

Let’s take a look at the secrets of How They Grow Business:

A company’s recognition is what gives it a quick success or helps to level it up and to achieve that recognition the best way is to advertise as much as possible digitally through Paid Ads or by using Social Media Services. Starting from social media sites to reaching out to the maximum websites people try to advertise their brand or product name in almost every other corner on the internet which tricks the people’s mind to open the advertised product or brand at some point or at least leaves an imprint of the name of the brand or product on their minds which later on plays its role for the company’s further success.

Advantage of Hiring Consultant

Every business-holder or entertainment industry to law firms in India are in search of the Best Digital Marketing Consultant in India so that they can broaden their base of customers and maintain proper online marketing with short-term and long-term marketing goals to plan and guidance to measure key analytics for enhancing their chances of success.

The main role of a Digital Marketing Consultant is to come up with new ideas that would help in a particular business to attract new customers and keep the present customers intact at the same time with maximum satisfaction. The Advantage of Hiring Consultant is that they make it easier to suggest ideas and to make improvements in the sections of Social Media Marketing, SEO Services, Email Marketing, etc. Besides they try to improve the site’s Google ranking by adding new keywords and applying content development strategy to the websites.

Digital marketing consultants feel responsible

  • Continuously discovering new methods to engage pre-existing customers and also attracting a new crowd around the website.
  • Regularly working hard to improve SEO rankings through various social media marketing strategies, email marketing strategies, and regularly making updates on the website.
  • Making effective brand promotions with creative social media marketing, email marketing, mobile, or local marketing campaigning.
  • Catering very influential content for website landing pages and blogs.
  • Regularly researching new keywords to appear on the top search of the search engines.
  • Consistently gathering and differentiating important data and present recommendations to balance marketing.
  • Evaluating client’s marketing budget and be able to allocate well on all expenditures.
  • Constantly assisting client’s in launching new websites and appealing apps.

The best digital marketing consultant helping immensely to generate unexpected revenue through

  • Project-based consulting
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

To improve the business and valuable clients online ,running  SEO, PPC, social media campaign, and analytics methodologies proficiently. He has experience in assisting various companies as SEO, digital marketing specialist, digital marketing manager, PPC expert, content strategist, and other various profiles in India and abroad.

Digital marketing consultant constantly following the trends and technology to leverage the digital world. Offering the best strategic approach like

  • Research and analysis
  • Project-based consulting
  • Budget and investment
  • Creation and promotion reporting and analysis
  • Reporting and analysis result based discussion.

Specific qualifications expected for digital marketer

  • Digital marketer should possess bachelor’s degree in marketing , marketing consultant .
  • Should be well educated about social media platforms and various internet tools ,since digital world revolves around internet only.
  • Various certifications will be assest to their knowledge and would yield long lasting results like
  • Google adwords and analytics certification.
  • Should possess time management skills because time is money.
  • Marvelous project management skills.
  • Should be very influential while communicating with client’s.

Digital marketing consultants are experts

  • In analaysing markets
  • Provide consultation for brand promotion
  • Drive wonderful marketing strategy
  • Successfully designing optimization planning for UX/GRAPHIC designs.
  • Maintain content calendar
  • Conduct regular audits for PPC ad campaigns.


Now let us discuss the names of top 10 Best Digital Marketing Consultant in India:

Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is the most popular or top-rated Social Media and Digital Marketing Consultant in India currently who holds a master’s in International Marketing Management from Leeds University Business School. He started his career as an SEO Executive when he was 17 years old and has prior 10 years of industry experience. He is the pioneer of echoVme which is a self-funded company whose main goal is to distribute excellent Digital and Social Media Marketing skills. He has not only worked with several national and international brands but also has more than 7 years of experience in Social Media Services. The Global Youth Marketing Forum awarded him with recognition as the ‘Top 25 Social Media Professionals of India‘.

Avi Arya 

Avi Arya is an Indian entrepreneur who primarily works on web advertising. He is the founder of digital marketing company known as Web Moguls. He is additionally a speaker, movie maker, creator, hotelier and youtuber. He has written two books that are Ask Avi Arya and Bedtime Tales For Tomorrow’s Entrepreneur. He won the perfect Speaker Award in Canada and categorized underneath the high 100 digital icons.

Digital Deepak

Digital Deepak is a digital marketer by profession and passion. He started his career in 2008. He has written two books which are How to Get Your Dream Digital Marketing Job and Content Marketing for Startups. He has worked as digital marketing manager in many companies and also worked as an assistant manager at Theorem India Pvt Ltd. He owns a personal blog Apart from being a successful digital marketer, he also maintains a popular bike instruction website BikeAdvice and also a motivational speaker. His blog was awarded by as one of the top 10 digital blogs in India.

Digital Pratik

Digital Pratik is a content creator who creates content about digital marketing. He uploads podcast in many podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, etc and one can listen to his podcast on these podcast platforms. He is also a digital marketing consultant and does consultancies for the same. On 2018 his brand gone viral and now he is a successful content creater.

Mridul Kabra

He is not only working with Google as a Digital Marketing head with proficiency in Lead generation but also is a professional head faculty of Digital Marketing. As a professional faculty of Digital Marketing, he has conducted numerous workshops and taught more than 1000 college and school goes about digital marketing arranged by UpNexTech in various colleges and institutes of Rajasthan. He has received the award of the Best Digital Advertising professional certificate.

Ananthanarayanan V

He is the founder and CEO of Techdivine Creative Services, and a Speaker & Corporate Trainer at the National & International Panels, Elite Academic Institutions & Top Organizations on Digital Marketing, and has received the award of the “Most Influential Digital Marketing Leaders” by CMO ASIA & World Marketing Congress in 2016.

Prasant Naidu

Initially he worked as a business analyst for more than six years in countries like UK, Singapore, and India. He is the founder of LighthouseInsights(LI) which mainly covers Indian social media marketing stories that remain unnoticed by the press releases. The policy that he follows is writing high-quality content which he firmly believes stays and pays as well.

Himanshu Arora

Himanshu Arora being an Engineer in Computer Science and an MBA holder in Marketing had decided to follow his passion which was actually online marketing. His Engineering curriculum gave him the idea of constructing things and products properly, while through MBA he learned how to sell the same products with ease. He has great knowledge of Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing. He is the co-founder of Social Panga, which is an organization that provides Digital Marketing Services. More than 35 digital marketing training programs for eminent companies like TOI, HUI, Pidilite, ICICI, Wipro, etc, were organized by him.

Lakshmipathy Bhat

He has experience in the field of marketing for more than 25 years which binds both the traditional and modern advertising methods in an informative way. At present he is the chief of the business communications of Robosoft Technologies. He has several working experiences with well-recognized companies like BAT, GSK, P&G, ITC Foods, etc. In his blogs, he talks about advertisement strategy, digital marketing tips, client management, and others.

Jainendra Singh

His analytical mindset, strategic intellect, and customer-based approach is something that makes a magnificent area for him in the field of digital marketing. He followed his passion and developed his site named “Digital Love”, where other than just providing web designing and digital marketing services, he also distributes his knowledge by providing online marketing training.

Note: No doubt……A company needs a digital marketing consultant

  • want to expand your business
  • Need best guidance to improve regularly and long lastingly

A list given above determine that accompany must require a professional help to improve their relationship with existing customers.

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