what are the type of websites

What Are The Types of Website

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What is website?

Website is a collection of multiple web pages under a common URL. Typically identified with common domain name and published on at least one web server. It comes in a endless variety like social media sites, E- commerce sites etc. The pages in a websites are usually mix of text and other media and a internet page which make content, text, audio, video or image and there are following types of website development.

Types of website

There are different types of website but basically there are two main types of website,                                                           1. Static                                                                                                                                                                                                       2. Dynamic

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What is Static websites?

A static web site contains web pages with fixed and stable content. its usually written in html code and shows the same information to every visitor. In this website there are hypertext markup language, cascading style sheet and java script.

  • Every page have there code written separately, as you see it on the web.
  • We have to save every page  separately on the server.
  • To make any or all changes you need to know coding knowledge. Changes have to be made manually every time.

Advantages of Static websites

  • Cheaply host
  • Easily develop
  • Cheap to develop

What is Dynamic websites?

A dynamic website is a web page that shows different content every time its viewed like e can make changes in our website, we can upload more and more blogs that refresh the website and changes every time we post. We do On-Page optimization by SEO. In this websites there are html, cascading style sheet, java script and database.

  • Pages of the websites are not coded and we no need to saved separately.
  • The design is saved separately.
  • Corresponding content are saved separately.
  • The pages are dynamically changes every time.

Advantages of Dynamic websites

  • More expensive to develop but much more functional website.
  • Slower to develop but much easier to update.
  • Easy to add new content.
  • New contents very time brings people back to the site and it helps to get rank on search engine
  • It can be use by staff or users to collaborate.

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