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True Predictions of Astrologer KM Sinha – Kundali Expert


List of True Predictions of Astrologer K. M Sinha

KM Sinha is India’s most popular astrologer. He has given many predictions related to Indian Politics, Elections, and other important things.  A total of 325 predictions came true yet. He has centers all over India and also in abroad. Few of the predictions are as follows: In this video we have shown you his all predictions which came true.


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Recent Prediction of KM Sinha in 2020

Countries from East Became Corona Free : 



Lockdown 4.0 Prediction Came True

Lockdown 3.0 Prediction Came True Again 

It was clearly said in prediction for lockdown 3.0 for 17th May, which is true right now. Be updated with his YouTube Channel Kundali Expert for more predictions.

Lockdown 2.0 Prediction Came True

Astrologer KM Sinha had exactly predicted about the period of lockdown 2.0, Watch the video then you will find that he is best in prediction.

Shahin Bagh Prediction Came True

Prediction 2025 for Pralay in 2020 came True

World Famous Astrologer KM Sinha had written a poem in 2025 after astrological calculation about the Pralay in 2020 and same happened in the form of Corona Virus in all over world. Watch here, the poem written by Kundali Expert KM Sinha.

Madhya Pradesh Government Prediction Came True by Astrologer KM Sinha

KM Sinha had predicted about the same time to comeback BJP. Bjp was loosing elections in various states, so KM Sinha had predicted that when BJP will come back again in government in various states.


Prediction for Share Market Down Came True in Feb 2020

2020 Delhi Legislative Assembly Election Results Prediction Came True

India’s Best Astrologer KM Sinha had predicted about 2020 Delhi legislative assembly election results. Same result came for the winning party and their seats also. Watch the previous video of KM Sinha where he is predicting that Arvind Kejriwal will again become CM of Delhi.

Delhi Assembly Election 2020 Exit Poll Result Prediction:

Astrologer KM Sinha had predicted exact seats for Delhi assembly election 2020. This prediction came true in Exit Poll. Watch this video here.

  1. In the starting only He has to give prediction related to Ram Mandir and that has turned to be true. This is the true prediction power that only K. M Sinha possesses.

2. His Predictions related to articles 370 and 35A also came true. At the starting of the year only predicted that this will going to happen this year.

3. At the starting of the year 2019, he Predicted that India will face a total of 18 earthquakes in the year and this came true.

4. Even before the announcement from the government, he has predicted about CAB. And we all can see how his prediction came true.

5. Even before the election, he predicted the result of the Chhattisgarh election. It became true after the election.

6. Death is something which is very uncertain but then also he predicted the death of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and that became true.

7. Jharkhand election result came out just the way he predicted. He predicted this when even the election doesn’t happen.

8. K. M Sinha predicted about the Karnataka Assembly by-election results. And by god grace that came true.

9. His Prediction prevails over the Madhya Pradesh election result. The results came out just the way he predicted.

10. The prediction of K. M Sinha about the Rajasthan election result came true. He predicted exactly the same result.

11. The prediction came true on the defeat of Rahul Gandhi Amethi.

12. The prediction of K. M Sinha about Devendra Fernandes that he will become Chief Minister also came true after the election result.

13. The prediction of K. M Sinha about Giriraj Singh’s victory became true after the results.

14. K. M Sinha Prophecy prevails over the defeat of Shatrughan Sinha. He predicted about this defeat very early.

15. He predicted Sheila Dixit’s defeat a few months before the election. And after the election, we all become the witness of it.

16. K. M Sinha with his knowledge and talent  Defeated Computer Baba in the Challenge at PTC Punjabi media house.

17. The prophecy came true about the victory of Sadhvi Pragya Thakur. As he predicts this at the starting of the new year only.

18. The prediction came true on the stock market. While the stock market is considered something unpredictable as it changes every second but you can see his magic.

19. No one can be thought of crude oil, but his prediction on the crude oil was true.

Astrologer KM Sinha is Genuine Astrologer and known as the best astrologer in Delhi, India.


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