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What are the Free Amenities available in Co-working Space

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Emerging Trend of Co-working space

As the trend has taken a shift from traditional office space to co-working space, the requirements for well-equipped co-working space are being grown at a very fast pace. As you are offering a wonderful coworking space you must surely be wanting all your members to come back to your coworking space again and again.

The entrepreneurs who are offering co-working spaces to innumerable members provide interesting amenities to attract new members to their venue. The correct workplace amenities encourage the experience of the workplace and keep encouraging the involved members. Coworking space experience is surely enhanced by the amenities that help to nurture individuals’ mental and physical well-being. Few amenities were shared by the workspace owners that improved productivity.

Amenities of Co-working space

  • Wi-Fi connectivity as fast as lightning

To maintain the continuous flow of work, fast Wi-Fi connections are essentially required. Laggy and dysfunctional Wi-Fi will surely affect the member’s feedback.

  • Private event space

Highly desired feature of workspace to conduct corporate or social events. The best place offered to members is very ideal to hold meetings between small businesses and great communities.

  • Treats and eats

Amenities-equipped coworking space provides fresh and tasty treats to all its members made by its very own culinary concierge. Offering food to members is an excellent strategy to bring efficient people together at a defined time.

  • Sit to stand desks

Instead of traditional seating plans, co-working spaces are now offering sit-to-stand desks to make their members stretch their legs, whenever they want according to their stress.

  • Nap and Wellness rooms

After a stressful shift, a nap is very fruitful to feel more productive. Hence it is considered an amenity and should be provided in a coworking space.

  • Printing

Printing is a crucial part of any office, hence coworking amenities should include unlimited printing or each member should be provided with a limit of free pages of printing.

  • Curated beverages

Strong brewed or locally roasted coffee is said to be a universal favorite available in virtually all spaces. This is the best amenity offered by all coworking spaces to enhance members.

  • Good access control

Efficient access control systems provide security during the entry and exit of members. There is no need for a receptionist when you have implemented access control systems.

  • Yoga

One of the new trends followed by every coworking space these days. Yoga rejuvenates the members to get relaxed and provides a break from their work.

  • Climbing wall

The coworkers were comfortable in mixing work with play by taking active breaks and love to challenge themselves physically as well as mentally. There are amenities available within spacious coworking venues providing climbing gyms.

  • Slipper station

To avoid frequent mopping of wet floors there is a facility available for slipper stations.

  • Great staff

The staff available at the coworking space should be very friendly and knowledgeable to attract members.

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